Other Legal Resources

Neither the Yuma City Attorney's Office nor the Prosecutor's Office can provide legal advice to citizens of Yuma. The office's sole function is to prosecute people who commit misdemeanor crimes, and to provide legal representation to the City, its agents, and employees.

Community Legal Services

Within Yuma County, Community Legal Services may be able to provide free legal services for eligible citizens. Contact them at (928) 782-7511 or visit their website at www.clsaz.org.

Arizona State Bar

For assistance in seeking legal representation you may contact the Arizona State Bar at (602) 252-4804 or visit their website at www.AZBar.org.

Yuma County Attorney

For felony criminal cases and any misdemeanors or civil traffic offenses that occur in the county (outside of the City of Yuma), contact the Yuma County Attorney office. The Yuma County Attorney's office is located at 250 West 2nd Street Suite G, Yuma, Arizona and can be reached at (928) 817-4300. More information is available online at www.YumaCountyAZ.gov.

(These links will take you to external websites that are not part of the City of Yuma official website.)