City Attorney's Office

The City Attorney's Office provides legal services to the Mayor and City Council, the City Administrator, and all City departments, offices and agencies in order to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the local community. The City Attorney is appointed by the City Administrator with the approval of the City Council.

The City Attorney's Office (Civil Division) oversees all legal issues involving the City of Yuma. The City Attorney, Deputy City Attorney, two Assistant City Attorneys, and support staff review contracts, ordinances and resolutions before they are presented to the City Council for action.

The City Attorney, Deputy City Attorney or an Assistant City Attorney attend meetings of City Council and the City Planning and Zoning Commission, as well as meetings of other boards and commissions when necessary. The City Attorney conducts legislative lobbying for the City of Yuma.

The City Attorney's office duties also include:

  • Representing the City of Yuma in all legal proceedings including lawsuits, administrative hearings, complex transactions and contracts, and real property acquisitions.
  • Providing legal advice related to City officials regarding: licensing, permits, taxes, elections, public records, and compliance with environmental laws.
  • Representing the City in its relations with federal and local transportation agencies.
  • Preparing and reviewing ordinances (city laws) and resolutions.
  • Providing a significant portion of the State legislative and lobbying support for the City of Yuma.

The City Attorney's Office cannot represent or advise private individuals in legal matters.

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