Special Event Permits

  • Farmers Market Heritage
    Special events, such as farmer's markets, are a great way to bring business to our area.
  • Main Street Event
    Locals enjoy the booths and unique treats at a Main Street festival.
  • Evening on Main Street
    Events that require a street closure, such as block parties, require a Special Event Application.
  • Parking
    Large community events that increase traffic and parking in an area require a Special Event Application.

From major conventions and international sporting events to community-based festivals, parades and athletic activities, the City of Yuma is proud to host events each year. It is our goal to enhance the vitality, quality of life, and economic prosperity of Yuma through the support of special events in Yuma.

Special Events are identified as, "events or organized activities for 75 or more people that involve street closures or include event components requiring the coordination of a number of City departments or other agencies such as the use of alcohol, on-site cooking, food sales, or large-scale temporary structures."  Examples include festivals, parades, runs/walks, farmer's markets and other planned group activities.

To Apply for a Special Event 
Complete the 
Special Event Application. Use the Special Event Application Guide to help you through the process.
To submit your application or for more information:
Carrie Ring, Marketing Specialist
(928) 373-5020  |  Carrie.Ring@yumaaz.gov

 Commonly asked questions regarding the Special Event Application:

What is the most common reason an event does not make it through the Special Event Permit process?

Failure to provide accurate insurance documents is one of the most common reasons an event may not receive a final permit or be permitted to incorporate specific event elements. 

Before final approval of your Citywide Special Event Permit Application, you will need to provide Commercial General Liability insurance and a separate additional Insured Endorsement for the Host Organization and all contracted service providers that will support your event.  If your event includes the use of alcohol you will also be required to provide Liquor Liability Insurance.  Minimum policy limits are generally $1 million per occurrence with a $2 million aggregate; however, the City of Yuma reserves the right to adjust policy limits according to the level of risk associated with the event.  Each policy and endorsement must include the City of Yuma, its officer, employees, volunteers and agents as additionally named insured.   Insurance coverage must be primary and maintained for the duration of the event including set-up and dismantle dates and times.  The Host Organization and all contracted service providers that have paid employees must also submit proof of Workers Compensation Insurance with a minimum policy limit of $1 million. 

In the early stage of your event planning, contact your insurance provider and all of the professional service providers you plan to use to ensure that they will be able to provide insurance documents to the City of Yuma in a timely manner.  If a service provider indicates their insurance is already on file with the City of Yuma, include that information with your submission of insurance documents to the City of Yuma Special Events Coordinator.   


Does the Special Event Application also reserve my use of the City park or facility that I will be using?

No, if your event will take place on property other than, or in addition to, City streets and public right-of-ways, you are required to secure use of your desired venue prior to submitting your Citywide Special Event Permit Application.  

If you plan to hold your event at a City park you must contact the appropriate division or facility manager within the Parks and Recreation Department to secure the use of the proposed venue.  Your Citywide Special Event Permit Application is not complete without authorization from the Parks and Recreation Department to use the requested venue.


I would like to sell alcohol at my event.  Is there a separate application for that?

Yes, if you are selling or serving alcohol, contact the City Clerk's Office and the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control at (602) 542-5141 to obtain information on a City and State Special Event Liquor License.  Information can also be obtained on the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control website. 

This is normally a 60 day process and will also require liquor liability insurance. If there are fees or donations associated with your events, a Special Events Liquor License is required.