Welcome from the Interim City Administrator

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Jay Simonton
Interim City Administrator

We want to welcome all of you to our City website where our City of Yuma is known as one of the top “Business Friendly Cities in Arizona.”  Yuma is a safe community that provides a great quality of life from our tremendous Parks and Recreation facilities and programs to our wonderful Yuma Art Center and its programs. Whether you’re looking to find out information about our City, City Staff, moving to Yuma, looking to visit, or wanting to join our team; we are here to assist and help you wherever we can. Nothing replaces a personal touch, so if you can’t find it here give us a call or come see us. On the phone or face to face, we are ready to work to help.

If you are looking to relocate a business to Yuma, we work hand in hand with a very active local Yuma Chamber of Commerce, Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation and pride ourselves in being one of the top two business friendly communities in Arizona.   We recently lowered our Impact and Development Fees while providing incentives to new commercial businesses that choose Yuma. 

Local businesses are our valuable partners and we look for ways to assist them where ever we can. In Yuma, we are known across the country for our partnering and team work. We pitch in to help each other. Our biggest community asset is our people and hardworking manufacturing workforce. If you are looking to start a business here to take advantage of our great workforce and low overall costs we are always ready to assist.


Heritage Festivals

Fun, food and festivities are just a few of the things you can expect at a City of Yuma Heritage Festivals event!

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Economic Development

The City of Yuma’s Office of Economic Development is taking a proactive approach to better address the increased demands and challenges facing our local businesses by shifting resources and time in order to enhance outreach and ombudsman services.

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United for Yuma

Yuma is an amazing place - to live, to work, raise a family, start a business, and more! We want to make sure that is the message people hear.

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