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    Communities are a reflection of its people and culture.

Communities are a reflection of its people and culture. 

Yuma is a growing community with a 2018 estimated population of 104,000, an increase of 10.6 percent over 2010.  Yuma is the largest City in Arizona outside the metropolitan areas of Phoenix and Tucson. The City’s growth has resulted in more than 21,500 new residents since the last census. Other key facts about the City of Yuma are:

  • The 2017 average household income for the City is $47,200 compared to the state average of $46,510. 
  • The City covers an area of more than 100 square miles. Much of the growth outside the City of Yuma has occurred in the communities of Somerton and San Luis.
  • Yuma County has grown by 10.7 percent since 2010 and ranks as the 5th most populous county in the state (225,000) in 2018.
  • Ethnicity in the County mirrors that of the City while the average household income is slightly lower at $44,000.  Yuma is a young community with an average age of 31.3 years.
  • The City’s ethnicity is dominated by its Hispanic (55.7%) and White (35.7%) populations.
  • Yuma’s largest age cohort is 20 to 29 years with this prime work force cohort representing more than 41 percent of the total population. The latter figure is slightly higher than the comparable prime work force figure for the Phoenix Metro Area (40.1%). 
  • The Yuma Metro Area work force totals nearly 98,620 in 2019.

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