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    The City of Yuma is considered by the development community to be one of the most business-friendly cities in Arizona.

The City of Yuma is considered by the development community to be one of the most business-friendly cities in Arizona.

The City is deliberate about this issue and regularly reviews its processes, development policies, and attention to customer service to earn and maintain this recognition. Furthermore, the City’s leadership understands the importance of a community actively working to expand its economic base. With the goal of improving the economy for its residents and businesses, the following items are available to companies interested in the City of Yuma as a place to do business.


The City of Yuma works in partnership with the Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation, 4FrontED,  and the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce to facilitate a company’s entry into the Yuma marketplace. There is a shared vision for the ongoing economic health of the community.  This partnership delivers demographic reports, peer contacts, development reviews, tours, real estate resources, and other information related to making market assessments. 


PDM’s or Pre-Development Meetings are scheduled by the City’s Community Development Department to provide individuals and businesses an opportunity to present their project prior to formal submission in order to gain valuable feedback/comment from all City Departments engaged in the development process.  PDM appointments are offered two days a week every week. This program is a valuable money-saving and time-saving service for those planning a project. PDM’s are offered at no expense to the customer.


The City of Yuma utilizes performance-based incentive practices to support the expansion of existing business and the attraction of new companies in accordance with ARS 9-500.05 and ARS 9-500.11. In general, eligibility is predicated on an industrial/commercial activity (non-retail) that makes a significant capital investment, creates quality jobs (with wages above the average county wage plus benefits), and advances the economic health of the City of Yuma. The incentive practices are intended to be compatible, additive, and supportive of programs available from the State of Arizona. Project review is aided by an Economic Impact Report (EIR) generated for each project. Note: Projects are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The provision of incentives is by merit and not an entitlement of a positive EIR.                                  

The Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) offers several programs to assist the attraction and expansion of companies in Arizona. These programs reward eligible facility construction projects through their capital investment and provision of jobs with above average wages. The incentives are delivered through performance-based grants and tax credits.  The ACA can be reached at 602-845-1200 or online at