About City Administration

2019 city admin group photo
Back From Left to Right: Interim City Administrator, Jay Simonton, Jeff Burt, Rick Power, Brandee Remeika, Dave Nash, Justin Lewis, and Chris Wood.
Front From Left to Right: Laura Cuen, Carrie Ring, Susan Cowey, Madeleine Coil, Joanne Fiser, and Kathy Moon.
Not pictured: Lucy Valencia and Laurie Neinast.

The City Administrator is the chief administrative officer of the city organization and is appointed by the Mayor and Council to serve in that capacity. The City Administrator oversees the operations of the city organization and its 800-plus full time staff.

As chief administrative officer, he is charged with everything the City does for the citizens of this community. All employees serve under the direction of the City Administrator and he implements the policies and directions adopted by the City Council.

City Administration encompasses several divisions:

  • The City Clerk's Office manages and stores all official records of the City of Yuma. The City Clerk conducts all elections of the City.
  • Media and Public Affairs exists to provide information to citizens of Yuma and the various regional/national media outlets about City and community initiatives, projects and events.
  • The focus of Heritage Festivals is to organize and host festivals in collaboration with our Downtown Merchants working to meet our community needs and enhance our shared quality of life in Yuma’s Historic Downtown District.
  • The Facilities Maintenance Division is responsible for the 150,000 square foot City Hall building and the maintenance of Public Works, Yuma Police Department and Municipal Court House.