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Missing YFD Radio
Motorola Radio

On September 12, 2015 Yuma Fire Department personnel were on a residential fire response in the 1200 block of South 9th Avenue. In the course of working on that fire scene a radio became separated from a firefighter’s gear.

A search of the area was not able to locate the radio. Transmissions from that radio have since been heard to have been made by unknown persons. The radio is made by Motorola and yellow in color. A report has been made with the Yuma Police Department.

The radio has been remotely shut down and would be of no use to anyone but the Yuma Fire Department. It is possible that due to this, it has been discarded by those who were in possession of it. If it is located, please return to any Yuma Fire Department station or call Fire Administration at (928) 373-4850. No questions asked….and there just might be a Fire Engine ride in it for you!