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Fire Sprinkler Save in Condominium Garage
Sprinkler Save

On Wednesday August 28, 2019, at about 4:50 am, smoke was reported in a garage at a residence in the Eldorado Condominiums, 2239 South 35th Avenue. Yuma Fire Department personnel arrived to find a sprinkler head had activated in the garage and water was flowing. The water flow was stopped and it was found that a fire appeared to have been extinguished. Firefighters confirmed the fire was out and had not spread.

Firefighters located the area in the garage where the fire had originated and found what was left of a radio controlled car. The car was on an office type chair and had been left charging. Damage was limited to the radio controlled car and the chair. The chair had been directly under the sprinkler head and would have activated early in the fire. The homeowner had been home at the time the fire occurred and was able to reoccupy the residence. There were no injuries.

Fire sprinkler systems can keep fires from spreading and can also extinguish them. Fires spread quickly and can double in size every minute. Even small fires can cause significant damage to property and endanger those nearby. Contrary to many Hollywood portrayals, only sprinkler heads directly exposed to the heat activate, not those in the rest of the room, building, or complex. Sprinkler systems save lives and protect property.