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Fire House Facts for 1/21/2018-1/27/2018

From Sunday January 21, 2018 through Saturday January 27, 2018 the Yuma Fire Department responded to 260 emergency calls for service:

  • 5    General Fire Response
    Including: An illegal trash burn in a backyard and various alarms
  • 4    Mutual Aid
    Including: Called to assist Rural Metro with 4 medical emergencies in the County
  • 19   Motor Vehicle Crashes
    Including:  1 involving a pedestrian, 1 involving a tree, and 2 involving 3 vehicles, 
  • 214  Other Medical Emergencies (serious to minor)
    Including: 31 for difficulty breathing, 21 for chest pain, 25 for falls, 18 for unconscious people, 4 seizure cases, 4 possible stroke cases, 1 for an intoxicated person, 1 for person under the influence of drugs, 2 drug overdoses, 13 for people with psychiatric problems, 8 for medical alarms, 2 for an allergic reaction, 2 for choking (1 a 2 yr old choking on an ice cube), 21 for altered or decreased level of consciousness, 1 for fever, 1 for broken bones, 2 for diabetic emergencies, 5 for man down calls, 2 for uncontrolled bleeding, 3 for bad headaches, 3 for assaults, 3 for back pain, 7 for abdominal pain, 1 for lacerations, and other illnesses and injuries
  • 18   Special Duty, Public Assistance, and Residential Assignments
    Including:  3 for trash can fires, 1 for an illegal trash fire, 1 for a strong gas smell in a backyard, 1 for a strong chemical smell, 1 for a vehicle fire, 1 for a damaged light pole, 1 for a light pole down, 1 for a power pole down, 1 for a tree on fire, and various alarms

Many of this week’s emergency responses were to motor vehicle crashes. More vehicles are using our streets this time of year and motorists need to take that into consideration. We all need to be patient, use caution, and follow these simple suggestions:

-Consider your driving time; leave early so you don’t have to rush to get to your destination.

-Plan your route to avoid congestion. You know where the construction is, have alternate routes in mind.

-Drive defensively, and be aware of what is going on around you.

-Avoid distractions such as talking on cell phones, texting, adjusting radios and eating while in traffic.

-Make use of your safety devices, wear your seat belts and be sure children are using proper safety restraints too.

-Be alert to the lights and sirens of responding emergency vehicles, and properly yield to them by pulling over as far as  practical to the right, coming to a complete stop, and waiting until they have passed by before safely resuming your travel (often there will be more than one emergency vehicle).

For more information about fire and injury prevention, contact the Yuma Fire Department Public Information Office at 373-4855 and you can also Follow us at www.twitter.com/YumaFireDept