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Apartment Fire
Apartment Fire

On Monday October 9, 2017, just before 10:00 pm, a fire was reported in an apartment at 1700 South Crowder Avenue. Arriving Yuma Fire Department personnel found smoke and flames coming from apartment #3. The occupants had safely evacuated and apartments on either side of where the fire was burning were also evacuated. The fire originated in the laundry area wall, spreading to the attic and flames were showing through the roof. Firefighters quickly contained and extinguished the fire.

Damage was contained to the laundry room wall, ceiling, attic and roof above. The fire was also contained to the apartment where the fire occurred, with apartments on either side able to be reoccupied. The apartment that sustained damage will not be able to be reoccupied until repairs are done. There were no injuries and the occupant was assisted by family members. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Fire can spread quickly; doubling in size every minute it is burning. Knowing two ways out of every room and quickly using that knowledge to safely evacuate in the event of a fire, ensuring that everyone else is safely out, and quickly reporting the fire via 9-1-1, all help reduce injury and damage. Remember, “Every Second Counts: Plan Two Ways Out!”