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Safe "Meet-Up Spots" set up by YPD for resident-to-resident transactions

YUMA, Ariz. - As part of an effort to keep the community safe, the Yuma Police Department (YPD) has two “Meet-Up Spot” locations that provide a safe-swap option for online purchase exchanges and other reputable, legal transactions between strangers. 

YPD has signs located in the front parking lot of the main police station at 1500 S. 1st Avenue. Additionally, there are two signs at the YPD substation, located at 6390 E. 26th Street. 

The signs are placed in well-lit areas where there is video surveillance.  Understanding the increase in online exchanges and sales, the Yuma Police Department reminds all residents to always use caution when meeting a stranger to engage in a sales transaction. If something is suspicious, walk away and do not agree to meet them.  These YPD  “Meet-Up Spots” eliminate the need for  strangers to exchange items at a residence, deterring criminal intent and activity.

For more information, contact YPD Sgt. Lori Franklin at