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YPD Project Drive Safe Dec. 18-24

The Yuma Police Department’s ongoing traffic safety program Project Drive Safe! will be at the following location the week of Dec. 18-24:

Targeted roadway: 20th Street.

Secondary roadway: Undisclosed.

Targeted violations:

  • Speeding
  • Cell Phone Violations
  • Turning
  • Red light Violations

As of Dec. 10, Project Drive Safe has logged 695 cited violations.

Safe Driving Tip: Red light violations cause over 5,000 traffic accidents a year in Arizona[1].  Arizona traffic law requires motorists approaching an intersection to reduce their speed regardless of the color of the traffic signal.  Doing so prepares motorist to stop for signal changes, as well as other hazards.  A yellow traffic signal is a warning that the red signal is about to be activated and motorist should be braking rather than accelerating.  Motorists facing a steady red traffic signal are required to stop prior to entering the intersection.  Motorist should do their part by braking on yellow, stopping on red, and always Drive Safe!

[1] Source: Arizona Department of Transportation