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Project Drive Safe, June 5-11

This coming week's Project Drive Safe patrol location and safe-driving tip of the week.

This week’s edition of the Yuma Police Department’s on-going traffic safety program, Project Drive Safe! will be at the following location:

  • June 5-11, 2017
  • Target roadway: 24th Street
  • Secondary roadway: undisclosed
  • Targeted violations: speeding, cell phone violations, turning, and red light violations.


Safe Driving Tip: Stop signs mean just that, STOP!  When you approach a stop sign you are required to come to a complete stop.  This means all forward movement of the vehicle must stop.  Even if you notice there are no vehicles approaching as you are slowing down, you must come to a complete stop before proceeding.  Officers looking for stop sign violations, typically watch the tires of the vehicle to ensure they are not moving.  Slowly rolling through a stop sign (sometimes called a California Stop), while yielding to traffic is still a stop sign violation.  Drive Safe!

On The Web: Roadway construction information, to include traffic restrictions, occurring within the City of Yuma, can be found on the City's website at Look for the City News.