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Proclamation Authorizes City Businesses Impacted by COVID-19 Executive Orders and Health Directives to Extend Premises to Operate Outdoors

YUMA, Ariz. – Today, Mayor Douglas Nicholls, executed an amendment to the March 15, 2020 Proclamation of Local Emergency related to COVID-19.  The amendment allows businesses currently under Executive Order closures, limited capacity, or other Arizona Department of Health Services directives to apply for an expansion permit extending their operations to outdoor areas.  The amendment also allows extension into parking lots and public rights of way immediately adjacent to their existing businesses.

“Businesses in Yuma have struggled and fought to keep up with public health and state-mandated closures.  As our COVID-19 rates continue to show a downward trend, this amendment is a way to help businesses get back to work and give confidence to the general public that the businesses are doing so safely,” said Mayor Nicholls.

Outdoor activities are listed as a priority on CDC guidelines, as they allow for social distancing to be maintained and provide ample fresh air. “It’s incredibly important that we still follow the health and safety guidelines, to keep our community’s wellness a mainstay,” Nicholls added.

This City of Yuma Proclamation cannot grant authority to extend premises in a liquor license to serve alcohol.  Businesses wanting to serve alcohol within the extended premises must apply to obtain permission to extend alcohol premises with the State Liquor Department and are encouraged to do so in a timely manner. 

This Proclamation does not waive or supersede any Executive Order, AZDHS directive, or any other federal, state or local law or related COVID-19 health orders. All businesses must operate in full compliance of the health orders and AZDHS directives and guidelines and in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Orders.  All businesses are encouraged to meet or exceed CDC and AZDHS directives and guidelines whenever possible for the health and safety of their guests and their employees.  

Each application will need to include an exhibit of the existing business operations and the desired extension of premises with a schematic showing the operations within the extended area including seating and maximum occupancy.  The map needs to include a description of positive barriers and boundary markings of the extended premises that prioritizes occupant safety within the extended areas.  If the desired area to be extended is on to public rights of way or public street parking, the applicant must include written confirmation that the business has adequate insurance for the extended premises. 

Applications for Extension of Premises will be available beginning Monday, September 14 from City Administration.  Interested businesses may contact the City through for more information. A digital copy of the amendment to the proclamation can be found here