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Orange Avenue now has new lane configurations
Orange Avenue now has new lane markings

Following recent slurry seal work, Orange Avenue has been striped with new lane configurations this week.

Effective immediately, Orange Avenue will have one lane of through traffic in each direction (north-south or northeast-southwest) between 8th Street and 1st Avenue. It will feature a center turn lane, bike lanes on both sides of the street, and on-street parking.

Orange Avenue traffic will now also flow continuously, free of stop signs at its intersection with 3rd Avenue. Instead of that intersection being a three-way stop, the intersection will be a stop for one-way southbound traffic. Additionally, 3rd Avenue will be a one-way street, southbound only, between 4th Street and Orange Avenue.

Orange Avenue follows the “complete streets” concept, which was described in detail in an article published in the Yuma Sun on Oct. 10, as well as during interviews on the City of Yuma government cable channel 73 and its online stream. Complete streets provide for safe and accessible roadways for all users regardless of age, mode of travel or physical ability.

Neighbors were informed of the upcoming change at a neighborhood meeting held Sept. 14. Residents in attendance were generally in favor of the plan, especially the retention of street parking along Orange.