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Neighbors opposed to Avenue B development file petition

A petition has been filed with the Yuma City Clerk calling for a voter referendum on a recent ordinance approved by the Yuma City Council.

The petitioners are asking for the repeal Ordinance O2018-008, a rezoning of property at 1451 S. Avenue B from the agriculture zoning district to the high-density residential district. City Council approved this ordinance at its Feb. 21 meeting earlier this year.

Discussion during Council’s meetings on this topic indicated the plan was to build market-rate apartments on the site. Neighbors spoke in opposition to the plan, citing traffic backups that already exist on Avenue B among their chief concerns.

Per Arizona law (A.R.S. section 19-121.01), the Yuma City Clerk has 20 business days to review the signatures and determine whether or not there are a sufficient number of signatures that correspond to eligible city voters. From there, petitions are forwarded to the Yuma County Recorder, who has a 15-day review period. Once the County’s review is complete and returned to the City, the City Clerk has 72 hours to determine the total number of valid signatures and then must report those findings to City Council.

At that time, should the requisite number of signatures be present, the Council then would have 50 days to either repeal the ordinance or submit the issue to voters, either at the next general election or a special election called for this purpose.