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Increase in bookings follows fields’ construction

The Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex is still under construction, but anticipation of its completion has added nearly a dozen bookings that otherwise may not have made it to the City’s Parks and Recreation calendar.

Currently on pace to open Sept. 1-4 for the 2017 USA Softball Men’s Western Class E Slow Pitch National Championship, the Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex (PAAC) has increased the number of tournament bookings through the City, according to Yuma Parks and Recreation Director Debbie Wendt.

Between its anticipated opening in September through August 2018, the PAAC already has 27 tournaments booked. Of those, 16 are ones that have been recurring annual events, including ones sponsored by Parks and Recreation. The other 11 are ones that may or may not have booked in Yuma.

Tournaments such as the USA National Championship are ones the City of Yuma has to compete for, Wendt said. “A number of factors go into us getting those, including the amount of hotel space we have available for the prospective weekend,” she said. “But we’re already getting feedback that having six fields in one location has been a factor in some of those decisions” to book Yuma, she added.

In addition to having six fields in one location rather than spread out across town, PAAC benefits include having uniform field size – something that tournaments played on different existing city fields can’t offer.

The PAAC will also free up existing fields for practice time, which has not been meeting current demand for a number of years now, Wendt said. All adult softball leagues will move play to the PAAC, freeing up more field space and time elsewhere for youth practices and league play.

While the PAAC is built for softball, it will be equipped with portable pitching mounds that can be installed to host baseball tournaments. In particular, the PAAC is a good fit for youth league baseball events. Older children, particularly from ages 16 on up, will continue to use the larger three fields at the Ray Kroc Sports Complex adjacent to Desert Sun Stadium, with their larger dimensions. Fences at the PAAC can be brought in, but otherwise max out at 325 feet.


Tournaments booked at the PAAC

  • September 2017: USA National 12-inch Class E Men’s Slow-Pitch Championship (new); Border Madness LLC High School Showcase (new).
  • October 2017: City of Yuma Co-rec Halloween Tournament; City of Yuma Men’s/Women’s Halloween Tournament; NSA girls fast-pitch clinic and tournament (new).
  • November 2017: Border Madness LLC youth girls fast-pitch softball tournament; Yuma Fast-Pitch and T-Ball League All-Star Youth Girls Fast-Pitch Softball Tournament; The Baseball Legends (TBL) youth baseball tournament; Big Bucks Over the Line Softball Tournament.
  • December 2017: TBL Youth Baseball National Championship; City of Yuma Wooden Bat Tournament.
  • January 2018: Senior Softball Tournament (new); Arizona Western College Women’s NJCAA Softball Tournament (new).
  • February 2018: TBL youth baseball tournament; Border Madness LLC high school showcase (new).
  • March 2018: Cedillo 16-inch men’s softball tournament; Big Bucks OTL softball tournament; TBL youth baseball tournament.
  • April 2018: City of Yuma Men’s Gil Rivera 12-inch Softball Tournament; TBL youth baseball NYBA qualifier (new); Xtreme Diamond Sports youth baseball tournament (new).
  • May 2018: City of Yuma Dennis Donnelly 16-inch Men’s Softball Tournament.
  • June 2018: Yuma Boys Baseball League State Tournament (new); Border Madness LLC youth fast-pitch softball tournament (new).
  • July 2018: City of Yuma Paul Riley 12-inch Men’s Softball Tournament; TBL youth baseball tournament.
  • August 2018: Big Bucks OTL softball tournament (new).