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City wins water theft case

The City of Yuma learned Thursday it has prevailed in the civil trial where a local bottled water company was accused of stealing City water service.

An eight-member jury returned a unanimous separate verdict against Philip K. Clark and PKC Enterprises Inc., dba Diamond Brooks Water, for taking unmetered City water out of a fire suppression line without paying for it. The jury found that both statutory tampering and conversion (theft) of City water was proved against each defendant.

Regarding damages, the jury awarded the City $17,984.74 from PKC Enterprises for conversion and $17,984.74 for statutory tampering. As to Philip K. Clark, the jury awarded the City $11,989.82 for conversion and $11,989.82 for statutory tampering. The total of these amounts is $59,949.12, which is the exact amount of damages the City requested.

“After several years of waiting for federal agencies to clear the City to go ahead with this case and bring it to closure, we are pleased with the jury’s verdict. The City and our taxpayers will be paid back by for the theft of city water,” said City Administrator Greg Wilkinson. “Deputy City Attorney Richard Files and Assistant City Attorney Rodney Short did an excellent job representing the citizens of Yuma.”