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City seeks nominees for 2019 Tribute of the Muses arts awards

Nominations are now open and forms are available for the 2019 Tribute of the Muses and Helios awards, the top arts awards in the area for art, art education, art advocacy, or arts philanthropy.

Presented by the City of Yuma’s Division of Arts and Culture, the Tribute of the Muses and Helios awards acknowledge the exemplary contributions of individuals and organizations to the arts in the Yuma community.

Nominations can be made online via the links provided below, or by downloading a PDF file found at Completed nomination forms – incomplete applications will not be considered – will be accepted at the Yuma Art Center, 254 S. Main St., through 5 p.m. Sept. 6. Printed copies are available at the Art Center as well.

The individual or couple honored by Tribute of the Muses reflects devotion and excellence in the arts. Nominees may reflect acknowledged excellence in a chosen arts field, arts advocacy, arts philanthropy and/or arts education. Candidates for nomination may be full- or part-time artists, art teachers, leaders, supporters or volunteers in the arts community. They should have a recognized track record of at least 5 years in Yuma as a champion of the arts through creative contribution, gifts of time and support.

“These distinguished awards are presented for the City to celebrate and revere individuals in our community who are really making a difference in the creative sector,” said Lindsay Benacka, Arts and Culture Program Manager for the City of Yuma. “The arts are truly alive and active right now in Yuma. It is important that we take an evening each year to honor those who are making our community a better, more vibrant place to live.”

Previous winners have been chosen from a broad spectrum of the arts including dance, music, art education and the visual arts. While nominations are generated from members of the public, the selection of the Muse and Helios winners is made by the Yuma Parks, Arts and Recreation Commission.

The name Tribute of the Muses originates from Greek Mythology, where the nine daughters of Zeus called Muses were considered the inspiration for the arts and sciences. Each Muse possessed a distinct gift among the disciplines of poetry, art, dance and music.

The Helios Award is presented by the City of Yuma to an individual who is a recognized up-and-coming voice within the Yuma arts community. Students and new residents to the area are encouraged to be nominated. Whether an artist, advocate or supporter of the arts, nominees can represent the visual arts, music, dance, theatre, and/or arts philanthropy.

Both winners will be named during the Tribute of the Muses ceremony, Oct. 11 at the Yuma Art Center and Historic Yuma Theatre. The ceremony will be followed by an after-party and celebration in the Yuma Art Center galleries.


Online nominations for Tribute of the Muses can be found here:

Online nominations for the Helios Award can be found here: Form:


All nominees will be contacted to confirm their willingness to be recognized for their contributions.

City of Yuma Parks and Recreation employees are not eligible to be nominated.