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City reminds residents to 'trash the fat'
The City of Yuma is offering a limited supply of food scrapers and can lids free for the asking.

The City of Yuma reminds residents to “trash the fat” rather than “FOG up” their drains while cooking and cleaning this holiday season.

FOG – fats, oils, and grease – leaves remnants as it travels through pipes in both home plumbing and in the City sewer system. Although one single cup full of bacon grease or a leftover cheese enchilada flushed down the garbage disposal might not individually cause a backup in your sink, FOG builds up in the system over time.

FOG-related backups have been known to cause in-home flooding and even sewer overflows (yuck!).

The City does its part to maintain City sewer lines. You can do your part, too, by scraping all food leftovers into the garbage. Plastic grocery bags that tend to collect faster than they are reused are ideal for this, as they can be tied up afterward to minimize odor and impede pests.

Then, dry wipe greasy pots and pans, such as with a paper towel, prior to washing them.

For those pesky liquid oils and grease, “Cool it, can it, trash it.” While most cans and jars are recyclable and should be cleaned and deposited into blue barrels, it’s a good idea to leave one behind to contain liquid FOG. Meat grease and leftover cooking oil should be placed in a can or jar. Once the FOG has cooled the container should be deposited into a bagged trash can.

To help out this holiday season, the City of Yuma is offering a limited supply of food scrapers and can lids free for the asking. City residents may ask for them at the City of Yuma Public Works Services building, 14th Street and 1st Avenue, during standard business hours. Supplies are first come, first served.

Residents may also share our “What is FOG” video on YouTube:

For more information, visit the Fats Oils and Grease program page on the City of Yuma’s website,

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