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City of Yuma Road Report, published Aug. 2

Araby Road, I-8 (Updated)

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) advises drivers to plan ahead for lane restrictions on Interstate 8 (I-8) near Araby Road that will be in place through Aug. 17 as bridge barriers are replaced as part of the I-8 and Araby Road traffic interchange improvement project. 

The following restrictions will be in place 24 hours a day through Aug. 17:

  • Only one lane will be open in both directions on I-8, between the Araby Road Exit and milepost 8. 
  • The speed limit will be reduced to 55 mph. 
  • A 14-foot vehicle width restriction will be in place. 
  • Delays are likely, so travelers should allow extra travel time. 

Drivers should plan for heavy traffic, reduced speed limits and delays. Information provided by ADOT. Beginning on Monday, Aug. 13, both the eastbount I-8 on and off-ramps at Araby Road will be closed. Plus, Araby Road will continue to have only one lane open in each direction between 30th and 26th streets through the fall. Delays are likely, so drivers should allow extra time in their commute. Alternate routes include Avenue 8 1/2E, Avenue 3E and 32nd Street. Also, Gila Ridge Road (near the Tanimura and Antle Produce building) is scheduled to open in both directions after Monday, Aug. 13.

Fog Seal: 24th Street, Avenues B to C

A fog seal will be applied on 24th Street starting Monday, Aug. 6, through Wednesday, Aug. 8, to aid in extending the life of the pavement. This fog seal project will be done in two phases, during which two sections of 24th Street will be closed at different times. Starting Monday, Aug. 6, the roadway will be closed between Avenue B and 31st Drive. This includes the entrance to Yuma Valley Park. Then on Wednesday, Aug. 8, 24th Street will be closed between 31st Drive and Avenue C. Detours include 16th Street and 32nd Street.

20th Street, 1st to 2nd avenues

Beginning next Tuesday, Aug. 7, 20th Street will be closed between 1st and 2nd avenues. The road will reopen by Thursday, Aug. 9.

Avenue A, 32nd-36th streets

Avenue A is under construction from 32nd Street to 36th Street/Desert Sun Drive. Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction and the speed limit is reduced to 25 mph. Traffic control devices will be in the area to help guide traffic through the workzone. Neighbors with access to 8th Avenue are asked to use it as an alternate route. Work is expected to be complete this fall. 

30th Street, Avenue 7E to Araby Road

Beginning Aug. 6, 30th Street will be closed between Avenue 7E and Araby Road for a total of three days. The roadway will reopen by end of day Aug. 8. Traffic control will be in place, and signs will be in the area to alert traffic to the upcoming closures as they approach the work zone. Detours include 32nd Street.

U.S. Highway 95, S. Avenue 6E

A contractor will be working on U.S. Highway 95 near Avenue 6E for a total of 60 days starting as early as August 1. The project will require a lane closure on Highway 95, but no full road closures. More details will be released when they are available.

24th Street, near Avenue 3E

Southwest Gas will be replacing a gas service line at a property off of 24th Street, between Avenue 2 1/2E and Avenue 3E. There will be reduced lanes and a slower speed limit in place as part of the traffic control for the project. Work is to be completed some time before November. 

Mesa Avenue, Stetson Street

Southwest Gas will be replacing a natural gas pipe on South Mesa avenue near its intersection with Stetson Street as early as July 25. The project may take up to 90 days, finishing by October 25 at the latest. In the meantime, no full closures will be in place but traffic control and lane shifts will be in the area.

Gila Ridge Road,  Avenue 4E

There will be a lane closure along Gila Ridge Road near Avenue 4E for approximately two months starting August 8. Crews will be trenching and pulling fiber. Signs will be posted to alert traffic to the upcoming traffic control in place. 

17th Street, 5th-6th avenues

Crews will be working in the area of 17th Street between 5th and 6th avenues. There will not be full road closures in place but lane shifts are to be expected along with additional traffic control as needed.

 4th Avenue, 18th-19th streets

Beginning as early as July 19, a lane closure along 4th Avenue will be in place while crews install microfiber at a location between 18th and 19th streets. Additionally, the sidewalk will be closed and the speed limited reduced to 25mph in the work zone. 

16th Street, Avenue C

A lane closure will be required along 16th street near Avenue C starting as early as Aug. 6, and finished by early October. 16th Street's speed limit near the work zone will be reduced to 35 miles per hour.

30th Street, Araby Road

Crews will be installing new Arizona Public Service (APS) conduits for a new construction on 30th Street, near Araby Road, requiring a closure of 30th Street between Araby Road and Avenue 7E. 

19th St., Maple to Arizona avenues

As 19th Street undergoes a large project to replace a vintage steel main and service pipe in Yuma, there will be several closures along the roadway. A portion of 19th Street between Maple Avenue and Arizona Avenue will be closed. There may also be several alley, sidewalk and road closures in the area. Traffic devices will be set up in the greater work zone area to help direct traffic. 

Arizona Avenue, 20th-22nd streets

For a total of ten working days, traffic control devices will be set up along Arizona Avenue between 20th and 22nd streets. Beginning Monday, July 23, lane closures will be in place along that portion of Arizona Avenue as crews work to remove and replace a driveway, curbs and sidewalks. This portion of work will be completed August 3. 

Downtown infrastructure improvements

A City of Yuma Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project is in the works and will be carried out in three phases. Phase two is currently underway, and will close Maiden Lane from 2nd Street to 3rd Street, and 2nd Street will be closed from Maiden to Gila Street. Crews will be milling 2nd Street and Maiden lane throughout early to mid August. Gila Street is fully open.

 Note: There are pedestrian walkways which the public may use to walk from the parking lots, through the workzones, in order to continue visiting businesses and properties on Main Street. 

Access will be maintained to the parking lot between Maiden Lane and Gila Street throughout the project. The third phase is slated to begin in late August. The entire CIP project is slated to be complete by the end of September.

Palo Verde Street, 28th Ave. (Lakin Ave.)

In order to abandon a gas line at a location off of Palo Verde Street, a portion of the roadway will be closed near its intersection with 28th Avenue (also known as Lakin Avenue). Palo Verde Street will remain open to through traffic but there will be a lane shift, a reduced speed limit and traffic control in place between 28th Avenue and Avenue 3E. Detours include 24th Street and/or 32nd Street, which can be accessed via Pacific Avenue or Avenue 3E. The project is to finish by the end of August.

8th Street, 21st Avenue - ADOT (extended)

An ADOT project to add a crosswalk for safer pedestrian crossing at 8th Street near 21st Avenue is underway. While crews are in the area, there will be lane closures along 8th Street. Signs will be posted to alert traffic of the lane reduction as they approach the area. Traffic is asked to please obey the posted speed limits and traffic signs. The project now has a time extension, and is expected to be completed sometime in October.

31st Place, Avenue 7E

A project to access a manhole on the south side of east 31st Place will require trenching near its intersection with Avenue 7E, and is currently underway. The work will require a lane closure in the area. It will finish in 60 days. The speed limit will be reduced to 25 mph in the area.

3rd Avenue Project (Updated)

Update: The project is substantially complete and all major construction activities have concluded. Remaining work includes minor adjustments and corrections, as well final clean up. The City thanks all local residents, businesses and visitors for their patience during the two-phase project of improvements to 3rd Avenue between 8th Street and 14th Street. Businesses and residents in the area were notified of the work zone in advance as closures and detours were put into place. The restaurant located at the northeast corner of 3rd Avenue and 11th Street can still be accessed; the road to their parking lot is open although there are still "road closed to through traffic," the business is open and accessible.

Avenue B, 8th-16th streets (updated)

A project to replace a vintage street main line is underway on Avenue B. This will require a lane closure on Avenue B, from 8th St. to 16th St. One lane will remain open in each direction along Avenue B while the project is underway. Signs will be posted to alert drivers of the upcoming closure as they approach the work zone. Lane closures will be in place in that area.

Starting Thursday, Aug. 2, crews will be working along 8th Street between 15th and 19th avenues, requiring a lane closure. Traffic control will be set up at 6 a.m. and removed by 5 p.m. on Aug. 2-3. 

9th Street, 4th-5th avenues

Arizona Public Service (APS) will be removing and installing a pole on the southside of west 9th Street and dropping power to an adjacent parcel. Shoulder work will take place for approximately five days on 9th Street between 4th and 5th avenues while the project is underway. Additionally, the speed limit will be reduced to 25 miles per hour.

24th Street, Arizona Avenue 

Crews began working near the intersection of 24th Street and Arizona Avenue in March, for a project that will require a lane closure along 24th Street near its intersection with Arizona Avenue and will call for the speed limit to be reduced to 25 mph in the work zone. The work is to be completed by the fall.

Avenue 10E, 32nd-34th streets

Subdivision and street construction will affect Avenue 10E between 32nd Street and 34th Street. Detour using Payson Avenue. Work is scheduled to complete in late Aug.

 Arizona Avenue, 20th - 22nd streets

Road closures, lane closures and detours are to be in place as crews replace a steel main line and more than 11,000 feet of service pipe on 20th Street, between 4th and Arizona avenues. Traffic control devices will be set up in the area to help guide traffic through the work zone, as the project will require lane shifts and some sidewalk closures.

 Update: Road construction on Arizona Avenue between 20th Street and 22nd Street will be extending through Aug. 10, with a southbound lane shift on Arizona Avenue in that area.

 County 12th Street Bridge, near Ave. D - (ADOT)

ADOT crews have closed County 12th Street's bridge west of Avenue D. The project is to remove and replace the existing Yuma County bridge. Additional work includes new pavement, pavement markings and other work. The project will be underway for several months and is expected to be complete by fall 2018. Drivers and agricultural workers should use detour routes and allow extra travel time while work is underway. No left turns will be permitted west of County 12th Street at Avenue D.

Detours include County 11th Street and/or Somerton Avenue. Local traffic will be permitted east of Somerton Avenue. Farmland will be accessible; signing will guide agriculture workers through detour routes. Drivers are asked to slow down and obey posted traffic control devices.

 City Street Maintenance. Asphalt maintenance operations for the week of Aug. 6-10 is as follows:

  • Magnolia Avenue, 1st Street to 8th Street (crack seal)
  • Tamarack #7 (crack seal)
  • Cielo Verde subdivision (crack seal)
  • Madison Avenue, 3rd Street to 5th Street (crack seal)
  • Avenue 3E, 32nd Street to 40th Street (crack seal)
  • Vista Del Sol subdivision (grinding)
  • Intersection of 36th Street and S. Avenue 8E (grinding)