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City of Yuma Road Report, Nov. 8

A weekly list of City projects or encroachment permits issued by the City of Yuma affecting busy streets.

City Projects

16th Street, Avenue B to Avenue C

Traffic control is in place on 16th Street between avenues B and C through mid-winter. A contractor working for the city will make utility improvements through mid-December, requiring intermittent lane closures. A minimum of one lane will be maintained in each direction. The public is encouraged to seek alternate routes during construction. The bulk of work directly in front of schools is scheduled to take place during the schools' winter break.


1st Avenue reconstruction project

The City is reconstructing 1st Avenue between 16th Street and Orange Avenue, including improvements to underground water/sewer infrastructure, to sidewalks and driveways, and to surface pavement. 1st Avenue is current closed between 6th Street and 9th Street. The section of 1st Avenue south of 9th Street has reopened to traffic with the new lane configuration of one lane of through traffic in each direction, a center turn lane, and bicycle lanes. Overall, the project is currently scheduled to be complete by the end of 2019.

Southwest Gas contractors continue their underground gas line work north of and adjacent to this project. Their work on the intersection of 1st Avenue and 6th Street has been extended through Nov. 13.


8th Avenue and 17th Street 4-way stop

The intersection of 8th Avenue and 17th Street is now a full-time 4-way stop for all vehicles, and crosswalks will be installed at all legs of this intersection to facilitate pedestrian traffic to and from Alice Byrne School. As a result, the mid-block crosswalk on 8th Avenue has been deactivated and will be effectively removed following application of slurry seal Nov. 11-12. Drivers are advised to use extra caution in this areas while drivers adapt to the change.


Avenue 3E, 32nd Street to 40th Street

A contractor will reconstruct Avenue 3E between 32nd Street and 40th Street. The City has scheduled the road to be under construction in early November. Work is expected to take approximately two months to complete. Traffic will be reduced to one lane each direction.

The work on the project will remove and replace the top layer of pavement from just south of 32nd Street to 40th Street for the entire roadway width. Additional upgrades will include replacing sidewalk ramps with new ADA-compliant ramps, and improving vehicle detection at traffic signals by changing from in-pavement loops to mounted cameras.


10th Avenue, 1st Street to 3rd Street

10th Avenue will be closed to all traffic from 1st Street through the intersection with Court Street, and closed to through traffic between 1st Street and 3rd Street for a water line replacement project. This pattern is expected to be in place into early December. 


City Street Maintenance

Street maintenance operations for Nov. 9-14 will take place in the following areas:

Thermo Patch Crew Maintenance

Meadowbrook subdivision

Concrete work

Miranda del Sol

Mesa Heights

Victoria Meadows

Pavement Marking Operations

Avenue B, 8th Street to 12th Street


Fall slurry seal program, through Nov. 13

A contractor is conducting slurry seal operations in the City of Yuma through mid-November. Slurry seal is a mixture of asphalt emulsion, water, sand and concrete which provides a cost-effective new wearing surface that can extend the life of the pavement by at least five years. Intersections will be included in the fall slurry seal project this year, therefore motorists may experience turn restrictions, lane restrictions, detours and closures. The contractor passes out a 24-hour advance notice prior to working on residential streets. Slurry seal work will take place between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., and the streets will reopen by 5:30 p.m. the same day. Slurry seal will be applied in the following areas.


A map of the slurry seal areas can be found here on the Public Works page of the City's website.

  • Avenue B from 12th Street to 8th Street
  • 8th Avenue from 16th Street to 22nd Place
  • 16th Street from 45th Avenue to its western end
  • 1st Street from Avenue B to its western end


  • Sunset Mesa
  • Country Estates
  • Valle Sereno


Other utility projects and encroachment permits

8th Street, Avenue C to Avenue D (Yuma County)

Yuma County is reconstructing and widening 8th Street between Avenue C and Avenue D. The work includes widening the roadway to a 5-lane section with sidewalks, streetlights and drainage improvements. Construction of the north half of the roadway continues; upon completion, traffic will shift to the new lanes and reconstruction of the existing roadway will take place. Access will be maintained to local homes and businesses. Completion of the collaborative project is anticipated in December.


Avenue C, 28th Street 

Southbound Avenue C will be narrowed approaching 28th Street through Nov. 15 for work on a turn lane.


Avenue A, 10th Street 

Construction of a private driveway will require temporary lane shifts on Avenue A in the vicinity of 10th Street. Exact date not available.


16th Street, Riley to I-8 (SW Gas)

A contractor working for Southwest Gas will replace a gas line in the right eastbound lane of 16th Street at Riley Avenue. The right eastbound lane will be closed between Riley and the railroad bridge and 16th Street speed limit will be reduced to 25 mph. Permit expires mid-January.


24th Street, Avenue B to 33rd Drive (APS)

APS has a 30-day work project that will mostly require lane shifts on 24th Street between Avenue B and 33rd Drive, in several phases. Work in the southeast corner of 24th Street and Avenue B will be restricted to the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Exact start date has not been determined; the permit expires Dec. 31.


21st Drive, north of 25th Street (APS)

APS has a 5-day work project to replace a pole and install other infrastructure that will require a northbound lane closure of 21st Drive at 25th Street. Detour using 26th Street and Avenue B. Work is expected to be complete by Dec. 7.


Avenue B, 3rd-8th streets (Century Link)

Century Link will require manhole access for telephone cable maintenance in Avenue B, requiring isolated temporary lane closures between 3rd Street and just south of 8th Street through Nov. 15.


Arizona Avenue north of 16th Street (Century Link)

Southbound Arizona Avenue approaching 16th Street will be reduced one lane for fiber installation. Speed limit will be reduced to 25 mph. Work will complete by mid-November.


3rd Street west of 4th Avenue (Century Link)

Telephone cable maintenance will require narrow lanes and partial lane closures on 3rd Street through late December. Following work between 13th Avenue and 25th Avenue, contractors will work between 7th Avenue and 9th Avenue. Lanes will be narrowed and speed limit reduced.


8th Street, Avenue A to 10th Avenue (SW Gas)

Gas line pipe work will bring lane restrictions to 8th Street between Avenue A and 10th Avenue, while the alley between 10th Avenue and Avenue A will be closed on both sides of 8th Street. This is part of larger gas line work that will conclude in November.


Downtown gas line replacements (SW Gas)

Gas line replacement work will require detours as posted from August through December in the following downtown locations: 

  • 3rd Street and Madison Avenue (through Nov. 8)
  • Madison Avenue between 1st and 2nd streets.
  • Court Street and 4th Avenue.
  • 2nd Street between Madison Avenue and 1st Avenue (night work).
  • Madison Avenue between 2nd Street and City Plaza (night work).
  • Alley between 3rd and 4th avenues, from 1st Street to Giss Parkway.
  • 255 S. Main St.


25th-28th streets, Virginia Drive area (SW Gas)

From Aug. 1 through as long as Dec. 1, Southwest Gas contractors will be replacing main lines in the areas between 4th Avenue and 1st Avenue and between 24th Street and 28th Street. Affected streets will include 25th Street, Virginia Drive, 27th Street, 28th Street, Hacienda Drive, and the alley between Maple and Hacienda.

The week of Nov. 12, 25th Street and then 26th Street will be closed between 4th Avenue and Virginia Drive.