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City of Yuma Road Report, June 7

A weekly list of City projects or encroachment permits authorized by the City of Yuma affecting busy streets.

City Projects

1st Avenue and 16th Street

Currently 16th Street is reduced to one lane in each direction, with left turns prohibited. First Avenue is closed from 13th Street and 16th Street. Both are part of the improvements project on 1st Avenue between 16th Street and Orange Avenue to underground water and sewer infrastructure, to upgrade sidewalks/driveways, and to improve surface pavement.

Traffic control near 1st Avenue's intersection with 16th Street will include lane restrictions on 16th Street between May and September. Overall project time is expected to take eight months to complete, likely though the end of autumn.


Avenue 9E, 24th Street to North Frontage

The City is constructing bicycle lanes along Avenue 9E from the North Frontage Road to 24th Street. In addition, the bridge over the A canal will be resurfaced. Work is anticipated to be complete by the end of July or early August. Motorists should expect to see shoulder closures and intermittent lane closures throughout the duration of construction.


8th Avenue, Catalina and Park Lane 4-way stop

The intersection of 8th Avenue with Catalina Drive to the east and Park Lane to the west is now a four-way stop. Residents should note that some popular online map apps and services mislabel Park Lane as Holly Drive.


32nd Street near Catalina

Westbound 32nd Street is reduced to two lanes of traffic between Arizona Avenue and Catalina Drive for replacement of an underground water line and then patching of asphalt and concrete. Work is expected to continue through the end of June.


13th Street, 2nd-3rd avenues

Monday, June 10 through Wednesday, June 12, 13th Street will be closed from 2nd Avenue to 3rd Avenue for gas service installation to the City's fleet services facility.


City Street Maintenance

Street maintenance operations for the week of June 10-14 are as follows:

Crack seal operations:

4th Avenue from 5th Street to 12th Street
8th Avenue from 16th Street to 18th Street
Cibola Heights subdivision

Grinding operations:

Cibola Heights subdivision

2nd Street and 5th Avenue, northeast corner

8th Avenue from 16th Street to 18th Street

8th Avenue from 20th Street to 2nd Street

Grading operations:

Water Street east of 12th Avenue

Avenue A and 4th Street parking lot

40th Street west of Avenue A

Magnolia Avenue, 8th to 10th streets

8th Place east of Avenue B

Smucker Park driveway

40th Street west of Avenue B.


Traffic lane striping throughout the city

City of Yuma Public Works is refreshing traffic lane stripes citywide this spring through June 30. Crews will get started at 4 a.m. weekdays. Please be aware of cones around newly painted lines and avoid hitting them.


Other utility projects and encroachment permits


8th Street, Avenue C to Avenue D 

In cooperation with Yuma County, the City is reconstructing and widening 8th Street between Avenue C and Avenue D. The work includes widening the roadway to a 5-lane section with sidewalks, streetlights and drainage improvements. Currently, work is taking place off the existing roadway and traffic may pass as normal. In the future the roadway will be closed to through traffic, but access will be maintained to local homes and businesses. Completion is anticipated by early November. Questions about this project should be directed to Yuma County.


Avenue B, 16th Street to 32nd Street (SW Gas)

A contractor working for Southwest Gas will replace a gas line on Avenue B from 16th Street to 32nd Street, followed by work in cross streets 20th Street, 24th Street, 25th Street, 26th Street and 32nd Street. Project will run May 28 through end of September. Expect lane closures on Avenue B and some possible turn restrictions.


Extended: 24th Street, Avenues C to D (APS)

APS will replace cabinets and pulling wires underground along 24th Street between avenues C and D through June 7. One phase of work will require the complete closure of 24th Street at the canal crossing east of Avenue D and west of 46th Drive. Alternate routes include 20th Street and 32nd Street.


32nd Street, 4th Avenue to Arizona (TrueNet)

Through July 1, work will take place on the westbound shoulder of 32nd Street from Arizona Avenue through the Big Curve area for telecommunications line installation.


Avenue 3E at I-8 (TrueNet)

Through June 14, lane restrictions will take place on Avenue 3E between Gila Ridge Road and the north end of the interchange with Interstate 8 for telecommunications line installation.


Avenue 2-1/2E at 24th Street (APS)

APS will replace an underground line along 24th Street through the end of August. Work will take place on the eastbound shoulder of 24th Street; while lane closures are not planned, motorists are asked to obey speed limit in the work zone. Aveue 2-1/2E will have a southbound lane closure south of 24th.


3rd Street, 13th-25th avenues  (Century Link)

Telephone cable maintenance will cause lane narrowing on 3rd Street between 13th Avenue and 25th Avenue. Work will conclude no later than mid-August.


20th Street west of Pacific (APS)

June 17-28, work will take place on the eastbound shoulder of 20th Street west of Pacific Avenue for APS pole replacement.


5th Avenue at 8th Street (SW Gas)

The right northbound lane of 5th Avenue will be shifted into the center turn lane on the approach to 8th Street a four-day Southwest Gas project beginning as soon as May 13 and concluding by late June. 


Avenue 9E, 24th Street to North Frontage

Avenue 9E will have narrowed lanes and reduced speed limit between 24th Street and North Frontage Road for bike lane designation, signage installation and lane striping. The two-month project is expected to be complete in mid-July.


Avenue 7E south of 24th Street (SW Gas)

Avenue 7E and intersecting side streets south of 24th Street will be affected by Southwest Gas work on 786 feet of main pipe. Narrow lanes and traffic control devices will be in place on the Avenue and along 24th Place, 24th Lane, 25th Street, 25th Place and 26th Street. Work is estimated to be complete by mid-June.


24th Street at Avenue 9E (SW Gas)

Southwest Gas is conducting main pipe replace on 24th Street west of Avenue 9E. Lane restrictions, speed limit reduction and bike lane closure will take place. This section is part of a larger project on 24th Street expected to wrap by August.


3rd Street, 4th Avenue - Avenue A (Century Link)

Century Link crews are starting a five-month project to repair telephone cable along 3rd Street, between 4th Avenue and Avenue A. The project which will involve accessing manholes will cause lane closures and in some areas sidewalk closures.


Avenue 3E at 40th Street, 32nd Street

There will be lane closures along Avenue 3E at 40th Street, 32nd Street and at the intersection of Avenue 4E and 41st place through Aug. 6 for a Century Link project that requires access to manholes. A reduced speed limit will also be in place.


4th Avenue, near Catalina Drive

There will be a lane closure along 4th Avenue near Catalina Drive for four days will crews install a new gas main line. The traffic control will be in place through June 28.


APS pole work, various locations (APS)

APS will install new SCS reclosers on existing poles throughout the area through September 2019. While work will mostly occur on shoulders, some lane narrowing and shifting will take place within work zones. Work zones the City is aware of include the following:

  • 3rd Street east of Avenue B.
  • Avenue A at the northeast corner of 16th Street.
  • 15th Street and Avenue A.
  • 32nd Street at S.R. 195.
  • 37th Street at Avenue 5E.
  • North Frontage Road and Mesa Avenue.
  • Avenue 8E south of 24th Street.
  • 12th Avenue south of 7th Street.
  • Araby Road south of 24th Street.
  • County 11th Street and Westwind.
  • Near the corner of Avenue 5E and E. County 10th Street.
  • South Frontage Road near Avenue 9E.