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City of Yuma Road Report, Jan. 5

A weekly list of City projects or encroachment permits authorized by the City of Yuma affecting busy streets.

Westbound I-8 - Caltrans  

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is repairing the bridge over Gateway Park, requiring the closure of a lane on westbound Interstate 8 (I-8) from Giss Parkway to approximately Sidewinder Road to repair a bridge expansion joint over the Colorado River. 

The project includes building bridge shoring, repairing unsound concrete, lifting the bridge to replace bearing pads and lowering the bridge again. The lane closure begins in Yuma and crosses over into California. Motorists may experience delays. The right lane on westbound I-8 will remain closed until work is complete. Beginning Jan. 8, crews will begin grading and compacting the ground in the park area under the bridge. 

UPCOMING FULL CLOSURE: The bridge will be completely closed for 24 hours on Sunday, Jan. 21, starting at 3 a.m. Traffic will be detoured through Yuma to exit I-8 at 16th Street, west on 16th Street to 4th Avenue, then north on 4th Avenue to re-enter I-8 at Winterhaven Drive. 

Ridgeview Drive, 22nd St.

A contractor will be working along Ridgeview Drive, requiring a closure of that roadway between 22nd Street and Parkway Drive. The road closure will be in place starting the morning of Dec. 26 through Jan. 12. Signs will be posted for approaching traffic to alert them to the road closure and show them to detours, such as 14th Avenue. 

I-8, Araby Road - ADOT (new work)

Drivers on Araby Road south of Interstate 8 will see occasional delays next week as Arizona Department of Transportation crews install a new radar detection system to regulate the traffic signals at Araby and 32nd Street. The radar detection system will replace an aging loop detection system in the pavement at the intersection.

The site is just south of the Araby Road interchange with I-8. Work on the project to replace signalized intersections with modern roundabouts is on hold until spring to accommodate commercial vehicles hauling winter produce.

Arizona Avenue, 16th-20th streets

Century Link will be accessing manholes on Arizona Avenue. Locations are just north of 16th Street and at 20th Street, as well as north east of 13th Street and 2nd Avenue. Lane restrictions will be in effect in work zones. Signs will be put into place to alert traffic of road work and lane restrictions. Work is to finish by mid-March.

28th Street, near 4th Avenue

Crews will need access to a manhole off of 4th Avenue, at a location between 28th and 29th streets, which will lead to a partial road closure on 28th Street while the project is underway. The project will also require some overhead utility work in the area. The project is slated to take place between Nov. 9 and Jan. 9. Signs will be posted in the area to alert traffic to the work zone and the lane closure. 

13th Street, near 2nd Avenue

A project to tap into existing sewers, water lines and storm drains will lead to the closure of 13th Street between 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue to begin as early as Oct. 27 and to end by Jan. 31. Signs will be posted while the work is underway to alert drivers of the road closure and of detours in the area, such as going through 2nd Avenue to 12th Street or using 1st Avenue. 

County 14th Street, Avenues 4E - 5E 

There will be a road closure on County 14th Street (56th Street) between Avenue 4E and Avenue 5E for a total of no more than 90 days as set up gas service for a new facility. The project is anticipated to begin as early as Oct. 27 and is to be completed by Jan. 31. When crews are in the work zone, signs will be posted to alert drivers of the closure along County 14th Street as they approach the area. Signs will also be set up in the area to show drivers through to detours. 

3rd Avenue, 9th Street - SW Gas

Crews will be replacing a gas main line located near 3rd Avenue and 9th Street. The work is anticipated to end by the end of Dec. While work is underway to replace the gas line, 9th Street will be closed between Orange Avenue and 2nd Avenue. No right turns will be allowed for drivers on Orange Avenue in either direction. Additionally, 3rd Avenue will be closed between 8th and 9th streets. Signs will be posted to alert drivers to the work zone. Northbound and southbound traffic can detour using 4th or 2nd avenues, and westbound and eastbound traffic can detour through 8th or 10th streets. 

3rd Street, 13th Avenue 

13th Avenue will be closed between 3rd and 2nd streets for a groundbed replacement. Traffic on 3rd Street will not be able to turn onto 13th Avenue while the project is underway, and instead will be asked to detour through 14th or 15th streets. The road is anticipated to reopen by the end of January 2018. 

I-8 west of 4th Ave. - Caltrans 

Caltrans crews continue to work on the reconstruction of Interstate-8 in Imperial County, west of Yuma. Recently, crews reduced traffic to a single lane on westbound I-8 between Sidewinder Road and about a mile west of Ogilby Road. Both travel directions have been switched to the I-8 eastbound lanes divided by k-rail. In addition, the westbound on- and off-ramps at Ogilby Road (exit 159) are closed to traffic. Signs have been placed to alert motorists to the ramp closures and to alternate routes.

The I-8 Corridor is a major pavement rehabilitation project consisting of five segments that will construct Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) over 48 miles on Interstate 8 in Imperial County.  The work will result in a long-lasting superior roadway, capable of withstanding the heaviest traffic loads. Construction began in 2016 on three of the five segments. Work will be completed by 2019.

4th Avenue gateway - ADOT

ADOT is making improvements to the state facility at 4th Avenue and 1st Street. Lane restrictions are in place. The $773,000 improvement project will last approximately seven months. ADOT will add a right-turn lane and a 10-ft. wide, colored-concrete shared-use path from 1st Avenue along the east side of 4th Avenue to the existing Yuma Canal Bridge. The project also includes upgrading and refurnishing existing lighting, installing signage, landscaping and rehabilitating the Yuma Crossing concrete historic land marker.

City Street Maintenance

Crews will be performing asphalt maintenance operations during the week of Jan. 8-12 at the following location(s): 

  • Avenue B, 8th - 12th streets (crack seal).