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City of Yuma Road Report, Aug. 8

A weekly list of City projects or encroachment permits issued by the City of Yuma affecting busy streets.

City Projects

1st Avenue reconstruction project

The City is reconstructing 1st Avenue between 16th Street and Orange Avenue, including improvements to underground water/sewer infrastructure, to sidewalks and driveways, and to surface pavement. Right now,1st Avenue is fully closed from 10th Street to 16th Street, with local traffic exceptions.

Paving could take place between 14th Street and 16th Street between Aug. 14-16.

Southwest Gas is currently working in 1st Avenue north of the City's project. Gas line work may continue to move north on 1st Avenue as sections become complete.

Overall, the project is currently scheduled to be complete by the end of 2019.


City Street Maintenance

Street maintenance operations for Aug. 12-16 will take place in the following locations.

Crack seal operations

Falls Ranch #1 and # 2

16th Street from 14th Avenue to Avenue B

24th Street from Araby Road to Avenue 9E

Thermal patching

Country Estates subdivision (preparation for slurry seal)

Concrete sidewalk repairs

Las Casitas subdivision

Grading operations

48th Street/County 13th Street from Avenue 3-1/2E to eastern city limits

56th Street/County 14th Street from Avenue 7-1/4E to eastern city limits

Pedestrian crosswalk repairs

Public Works has been performing crosswalk maintenance around school zones. The goal is to ensure all designated crosswalks are well marked for the new school year. The following schools will be reviewed and repaired: Yuma High, O.C. Johnson, C.W. McGraw, Pecan Grove and Mesquite.



Other utility projects and encroachment permits


8th Street, Avenue C to Avenue D (Yuma County)

Yuma County is reconstructing and widening 8th Street between Avenue C and Avenue D. The work includes widening the roadway to a 5-lane section with sidewalks, streetlights and drainage improvements. Currently, there is shoulder work taking place on the north side of the roadway through December. In the future the roadway will be closed to through traffic, but access will be maintained to local homes and businesses. Completion of the collaborative project is anticipated by early November.


Avenue B, 16th Street to 20th Street (SW Gas)

24th Street closure Aug. 12-23

A contractor working for Southwest Gas will replace a gas line on Avenue B from 16th Street to 20th Street, with work in cross streets 24th Street, 25th Street, 26th Street and 32nd Street. Project will run the end of September. Expect lane closures on Avenue B and some possible turn restrictions.

From Aug. 12-23, 24th Street will be closed immediately west of Avenue B, and southbound Avenue B will be reduced to one lane, shifted into the center turn lane, for underground work. Speed limit will be reduced to 25 mph. Work hours will be between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily. Motorists are urged to use the utmost caution driving through this work zone.


Downtown gas line replacements (SW Gas)

Gas line replacement work will require detours as posted from August through December in the following downtown locations: 

  • Madison Avenue between 1st and 2nd streets.
  • 2nd Street between Madison Avenue and 1st Avenue (night work).
  • Madison Avenue between 2nd Street and City Plaza (night work).
  • Alley between 3rd and 4th avenues, from 1st Street to Giss Parkway.


32nd Street, 4th Avenue - Avenue A (Century Link)

Century Link will be accessing manholes Aug. 12-23 for telephone cable maintenance along 32nd Street, between 4th Avenue and Avenue A, including the intersections of those avenues. Temporary lane closures will take place in the work zones.


25th-27th streets, Virginia Drive (SW Gas)

From Aug. 1 through as long as Dec. 1, Southwest Gas contractors will be replacing main lines in the areas between 4th Avenue and 1st Avenue and between 25th Street and 27th Street. Affected streets will include 25th Street, Virginia Drive, 27th Street, and the alley between Maple and Hacienda.


24th Street, Avenue 9E (SW Gas)

Gas line pipe replacement will bring lane restrictions to 24th Street approaching Avenue 9E from the west. Work is expected to wrap by Sept. 13.


24th Street, 46th Drive to Avenue D (APS)

APS work will require a hard closure of 24th Street between 46th Drive and Avenue D through Sept. 6. Detours will be 20th Street or 32nd Street.


Avenue 7E south of 24th Street (SW Gas)

Southwest Gas will be working on service stub lines along Avenue 7E and intersecting side streets south of 24th Street through October. Lanes will be narrowed in work zones.


Avenue C at 16th Street

The right southbound lane of Avenue C will be closed approaching 16th Street for upcoming pavement replacement at H.L. Suverkrup Elementary School parking lot. Exact project dates were not available; however, permit stipulates work will be completed by Oct. 25.


12th Street west of Avenue A (SW Gas)

12th Street will be closed immediately west of Avenue A for gas line replacement. Detour is 11th Street. Exact work dates were unavailable; however, the permit expires Oct. 25.


16th Street, Yuma Palms (TrueNet)

Aug. 12-19, the right westbound turn lane of 16th Street turning onto northbound Yuma Palms Parkway will be closed for telecommunications fiber installation.


32nd Street, Avenue 8-1/2E

Private installation of driveway turnouts will require right-lane restrictions on eastbound 32nd Street approaching and continuing on southbound Avenue 8-1/2E through Aug. 31.


32nd Street shoulder work (Century Link)

Century Link will be working on its infrastructure in manholes on the shoulder of 32nd Street between Avenue 3E and Avenue 8E. While no lane closures are expected, motorists are asked to be aware of workers and drive with caution. Work will conclude by mid-September.


Avenue 6E, near 44th Place (APS)

APS is working in the shoulder of Avenue 6E near 44th Place to install infrastructure for the Driftwood subdivisions. No lane closures are in effect; however, motorists are advised to drive with caution near workers.


Avenue C, near 28th Street (Water Users)

Avenue C will be narrowed with reduced speed limit in a zone 500 feet on both sides of the intersection with 28th Street for irrigation canal culvert work by Yuma County Water Users' Association. This is a 5-day project; however, start date has not yet been finalized.


3rd Street, 13th-25th avenues (Century Link)

Telephone cable maintenance will cause lane narrowing on 3rd Street between 13th Avenue and 25th Avenue. Work will conclude no later than mid-August.


24th Street at Avenue 9E (SW Gas)

Southwest Gas is conducting main pipe replace on 24th Street west of Avenue 9E. Lane restrictions, speed limit reduction and bike lane closure will take place. This section is part of a larger project on 24th Street expected to wrap by September.


3rd Street, 4th Avenue - Avenue A (Century Link)

Century Link has a five-month project to repair telephone cable along 3rd Street, between 4th Avenue and Avenue A. The project which will involve accessing manholes will cause lane closures and in some areas sidewalk closures.


Avenue 3E at 40th Street, 32nd Street

There will be lane closures along Avenue 3E at 40th Street, 32nd Street and at the intersection of Avenue 4E and 41st place through Aug. 6 for a Century Link project that requires access to manholes. A reduced speed limit will also be in place.


APS pole work, various locations (APS)

APS will conduct pole maintenance and install new infrastructure on existing poles throughout the area through September 2019. While work will mostly occur on shoulders, some lane narrowing and shifting will take place within work zones. Work zones the City is aware of include the following:

  • Avenue A, east side south of 22nd Street.
  • Avenue 3E north of 40th Street.
  • 32nd Street from Avenue C and 28th Drive.
  • Avenue 4E and 36th Street.
  • 3rd Street east of Avenue B.
  • Avenue A at the northeast corner of 16th Street.
  • 15th Street and Avenue A.
  • 32nd Street at S.R. 195.
  • 37th Street at Avenue 5E.
  • North Frontage Road and Mesa Avenue.
  • Avenue 8E south of 24th Street.
  • 12th Avenue south of 7th Street.
  • Araby Road south of 24th Street.
  • County 11th Street and Westwind.
  • Near the corner of Avenue 5E and E. County 10th Street.
  • South Frontage Road near Avenue 9E.
  • Alley between 7th and 8th avenues near 24th Street.
  • Alley between 24th and 25th streets near James Avenue.
  • Alley between 8th and 9th avenues at 17th Street.
  • 40th Street near Avenue 4-1/2E.