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City of Yuma Primary Election results, Aug. 29, 2019

The City of Yuma held its primary election Tuesday, Aug. 27, where voters had their first opportunity of this cycle to elect candidates for three at-large seats on the City Council and one judge on the Municipal Court. Following are updated totals.

The current count reflects 7,509 ballots cast, including:

  • Early ballots that have been processed and counted, including “late early” ballots.
  • Poll results from all of the 3 voting centers.


City Council / Votes Cast / Percentage of votes

Bradley, Jason   2,770  37%

Morris, Chris  3,151  42%

Scarborough, Robert 2,777  37%

Shelton, Mike 3,706  49%

Shoop, Ema Lea 3,345  45%

Thomas, Edward 3,184  42%


Municipal Judge /Votes Cast / Percentage of votes

Umphress, Jenny  6,021  80%


Per Yuma City Charter, Article IV, Section 5, any candidate receiving votes constituting a majority of all ballots cast in the primary is elected to office. Judge Umphress meets that threshold and will be re-elected to her seat.

As of 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, the City is being told that approximately 120 ballots are pending verification. Statutorily, voters casting these ballots have until 5 p.m. Friday to provide the necessary information for the ballot to be valid. Upon validation, ballots would then be processed and counted.

“As it stands today, we will be holding a general election for the three seats of Council,” said City Clerk Lynda Bushong.

In City primary elections, candidates for City Council move to the general election in November at a rate of two candidates per open seat. As this ratio matches the primary election candidate pool, all six candidates remain eligible for the November election.

Votes from the primary election will become final and official once canvassed by the Yuma City Council.