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City of Yuma debuts online store

Looking for a special gift or item to showcase your love for the Yuma community? The City of Yuma now has an online venue through which residents and the general public may purchase Yuma-themed gear from wherever they are.

Some areas of the City organization already have a retail component to their operations: Desert Hills Golf Course sells branded merchandise at its pro shop; the Yuma Art Center features its brand on a number of items in its gift shop. With more customers now going online to check for purchases, the City established a new online store for these departments to offer their products, along with popular gear from the iconic Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park.

From the home page of the City’s website,, click on the Visitors section and then on “Shop.” Or go directly to

Featuring branded items not generally available in the local commercial retail sector, the store features shirts, hats, mugs and other gift and souvenir items, some which portray the City’s copyrighted logo.

The site uses PayPal as the payment processing agent. Customers may enter preferred credit card information or use an existing PayPal account to pay for purchases.

“We use PayPal exclusively to process payments and no personal credit card information is stored on any city system, said Grants Coordinator Laurie Neinast, who led the online store’s creation. “The City already uses PayPal so the same security, process and transaction fees apply.”

Shipping and processing fees and product terms and conditions are available on the site and during final payment processing.

The site was constructed with in-house resources and one subscription service. Half the total net profits from sales will go back annually to the selling department’s budget to support operational needs.

The City’s online store only ships within the continental United States.