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City looking for photos, videos from those who ‘love’ parks and recreation
Hallway mural - Love Parks and Rec

Entries registered to win family swim pass for 2016; may be featured on City collage or social media

Yuma, Ariz. – Yuma’s Parks and Recreation department wants to know how much you love them. And they are willing to part with a season-long family swim pass for City pools in exchange for visual proof.

The City is asking residents to share why they “love” Parks and Recreation and then challenge others to get out to a City park and share their own story. Those who complete the task will be entered to win a family swim pass for the 2016 open swim season, and may see their entry on a mural in City Hall or on social media.

To enter, send the City an e-mail at the address below stating why you love parks and recreation, and attaching a photo that depicts them or their family members at a Yuma Parks and Recreation facility. Complete entries must include a photo waiver and release form to be entered. See the full list of directions below.

“The goal of this campaign is to inspire youth and people of all ages to use their parks and recreation as a solution for happier, healthier lives,” said Carrie Ring, marketing specialist for the City’s Parks and Recreation department.

The City will accept photos and stories during November and will then transform them into a hallway mural inside City Hall for all to read, see and enjoy. The City will then share video stories on Parks and Recreation’s Facebook page.

Participants are encouraged to share with the hashtag #ILOVEMyParksandRecreation.

“Children who grow up utilizing their community park and recreation resources have the opportunity to thrive as both children and adults,” said Director of Parks and Recreation Debbie Wendt. “Our parks and recreation programs encourage people to engage with nature, foster social skills on the playground, create lifelong healthy habits, and cultivate sportsmanship through recreation sport leagues, plus so much more.”


Rules and directions for entry

Sharing your story is easy.

1. Think about your experiences with parks and recreation. Maybe you go to the park for family picnics, play basketball at the rec center or you learned how to swim at the public pool. Whatever it is, you probably have a positive parks and rec story.

2. Send your reason “Hi, I’m __(your name)__ and I LOVE my Parks & Recreation because__. ” along with a photo of you and/or your family at a Yuma Parks and Recreation facility to

3. Share your story on video! Cellphone videos are perfect. Take a selfie video or ask a friend! Tell Yuma why you LOVE your Parks and Recreation!

Try to keep your video short (15 to 45 seconds).
a. “Hi, I’m ______ and I LOVE my Parks & Recreation because____________________________.”

b. “I challenge you to get out to your local park and share why you LOVE your Parks and Recreation too!”      #ILOVEMyParksandRecreation

Challenge your family and friends to share their story. Call them out in the video and tag them in your social posts. Don’t forget to share the video with us too. Email it to us and you just might see it on the City of Yuma Parks & Recreation Facebook page! 

For questions or more information on this campaign, please contact Marketing Specialist, Carrie Ring at 928-373-5210 or