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City invites residents to review budget, presentation online

The City of Yuma has posted its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 on its website. And to give that budget a proper context, the City has also posted the presentation illustrating the challenges that budget faces. Both are available now for your review.

Find the proposed budget directly here. (From the home page, under “Government,” look for “City Documents and Publications,” then “Finance,” then “City Administrator’s proposed budget.”)

The presentation slides are here. (From the home page, under “Government,” look for “City Documents and Publications,” then “City Administration,” then “FY2016-17 Preliminary Council Budget Presentation.”)

Or, watch the presentation itself as it was delivered during the regular meeting of the Yuma City Council on April 6, featuring City Administrator Greg Wilkinson and Chief of Police John Lekan. That meeting can be viewed directly here. (From the City website home page, look under “Quick Links” for “Video and TV Streams,” then “watch online,” then look for the April 6 date under “City Council Meetings.”)

The presentation provides the following:

  • An overview of the major year-to-year changes.
  • A snapshot of the direction the local economy has been going.
  • A comparison of public safety response among several Arizona cities.
  • A comparison of rates paid for water/sewer and trash/recycling across the state.
  • A breakdown of the cost shifts imposed on Arizona cities and towns by the Arizona Legislature.
  • A detailed synopsis of cost-savings measures the City has implemented.
  • A summary of the biggest issues facing the City as a result of cost shifts and withheld revenues.
  • A breakdown of the costs associated with street repairs facing the City.
  • An overview of the personnel and employee turnover issues facing the City.
  • A breakdown of overall property taxes paid by City residents.
  • A detailed examination of the staffing and service issues of the Yuma Police Department.


Residents may contact the City during business hours with any questions they have about the budget, 928-373-5000. Additionally, residents may contact any member of the Yuma City Council here. (From the City website home page, look under “City Departments,” then “Mayor and Council,” then “Contact Us” on the left side.)