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City encourages applicants for board, commission vacancies

The City of Yuma seeks residents to serve as the citizenry’s voice in a number of our boards and commissions.

Boards and commissions are made up of volunteers appointed by the Yuma City Council. Potential candidates must file a Boards and Commissions application with the City Clerk's Office on the first floor of City Hall. Appointees are selected based on education, work experience and civic involvement as listed on the application.

“Our boards and commissions help guide the Council. They get engaged in the community and help us understand the issues in a broader sense,” said Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls. “We currently have openings for new members, so if you have an interest in serving the community, particularly if it’s a subject matter you have a passion about or extensive knowledge in, I encourage you to apply.”

Current vacancies include:

  • Two positions on the Planning and Zoning Commission.
  • Two positions on the Clean and Beautiful Commission.
  • Four positions on the Workers’ Compensation Trust Board.
  • Two positions on the Residential Advisory Board.
  • One position on the Community Tree Board.
  • One position on the Design and Historic Review Commission.
  • One position on the Library Board of Trustees.
  • One position on the Merit System Board.
  • One position on the Water and Sewer Commission.

Any person who lives within Yuma's City limits may serve on a board or commission; however, several boards of a more technical nature require one or more members to have specific technical expertise. Formal appointment occurs at a regularly scheduled City Council meeting.