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City development fee updates

The City invites residents to become acquainted with anticipated updates to the City of Yuma development fees.

Development fees, sometimes called “impact fees,” are a fee paid by new development (both residential and commercial) to offset the costs associated with providing necessary public facilities or public services to support new development at current levels of service.

The City is in the process of updating the citywide development fees for the north service area, which is north of and including 56th Street. To date there are no citywide development fees for the south service area, south of 56th Street.

Development fees being considered and updated include the following categories:

  • Parks and Recreation facilities.
  • Police facilities.
  • Fire facilities.
  • General Government facilities.
  • Streets facilities.

The first step in updating the fees is the development and adoption of the Land Use Assumptions (LUA) and the Infrastructure Improvements Plan (IIP).

The Land Use Assumptions and the Infrastructure Improvements Plan identify current levels of service, growth expectations, and the cost of public infrastructure necessary to maintain current levels of service with projected growth.

For example, as the City of Yuma grows, more roads are needed to carry additional traffic. This also applies to maintaining service level standards for Police and Fire department response, for a larger number of customers and coverage areas. This also means meeting the needs of a growing population utilizing the City Parks and Recreational facilities, necessitating more facilities across the community.

The Land Use Assumptions and the Infrastructure Improvement Plan forecasts expected City growth, documents existing City service levels, and determines which infrastructure projects will be necessary to maintain existing levels of service to City of Yuma residents under projected growth conditions.

The goal of the Land Use Assumptions and the Infrastructure Improvements Plan is to provide a plan of action to improve City of Yuma infrastructure that will meet the needs of future City residents.

Citywide Development Fees

The citywide development fees are assessed on new building construction that will generate an impact to the City services previously described. The fees are based on a combination of the construction costs, expected city growth, and the expected time frame determined from the Land Use Assumptions and the Infrastructure Improvement Plan.

Originally adopted by the City of Yuma in 2005, the fees were last updated in June 2013. This current update will reflect current project costs and facility planning.


 Residents may review the draft Land Use Assumptions here:

Residents may view the development fee study on the City website, directly here.


Key Dates (Subject to change)

2/27/2019 - Adoption: “Land Use Assumptions & Infrastructure Improvement Plan”

4/3/2019 - Public Hearing: “Citywide Development Fees”

5/15/2019 - Adoption: “Citywide Development Fees”

7/29/2019 – Updated “Citywide Development Fees” go into effect.