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City Council Meeting Preview, Jan. 6

Yuma, Ariz. – The inauguration of Councilmember Edward C. Thomas, incoming Councilmember Jacob Miller, incoming Councilmember Michael Shelton and Municipal Court Judge Jeanette Umphress will be held at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016, in the Council Chambers of City Hall, One City Plaza, prior to the regular City Council worksession.

On Wednesday, the Yuma City Council will consider authorizing the purchase of lighting materials for the Sanguinetti Athletic Fields during the regular City Council meeting to begin at 5:30 p.m. 

 The Yuma City Council will consider several additional items on the Motion Consent Agenda, which will be considered and enacted with one motion. They include:

  • A bingo license.
  • Two special event liquor license requests. 
  • Four liquor license requests.
  • Authorizing the City Administrator to execute a contract for false alarm management services.
  • Authorizing the City Administrator to execute a grant agreement and accept monies received under the City of Tucson High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area grant program to support the Yuma Police Department officer assigned to the U.S. Marshals Arizona Warrant Apprehension Network and Tactical Enforcement Detail.
  • Designating the acting City Administrator during the absence or disability of the City Administrator.
  • Authorizing the extension of an agreement and terms of employment with the current City Administrator to serve as the City Administrator for the City of Yuma.

There is one item on the Resolution Consent Agenda: Authorizing the City Administrator to submit a grant application to the Arizona Department of Housing for state housing rehabilitation funds, and authorizing the City Administrator to execute all documents associated with the grant. This item will be considered an enacted with one motion.  

There are three items on the Adoption of Ordinances Agenda. They include:

  • Authorizing the acquisition of real property, located at 2454 W. 5th Street, for the City to complete the re-routing of underground water lines and other public purposes.
  • Vacating surplus rights-of-way and authorizing the transfer of land on Arizona Avenue.
  • Vacating surplus rights-of-way by recorded deed upon payment of purchase price.

There are no ordinances scheduled for introduction at this time. 

There are no public hearings scheduled. However, there are appointments scheduled for:

  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Clean and Beautiful Commission
  • Merit System Board