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City Council Meeting Preview, Feb. 17

Yuma, Ariz. – The Yuma City Council will consider authorizing the City Administrator to execute a contract for design services for the Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex during their regular meeting to be held at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016, inside the Council Chambers of City Hall, One City Plaza.

The Yuma City Council will consider several additional items on the Motion Consent Agenda, which will be considered and enacted with one motion. They include:

  • Two special event liquor license requests.
  • A liquor license application.
  • A consent to assignment agreement.
  • An agreement amendment to comply with award requirements for grant funding. 
  • A memorandum of understanding amendment with the Yuma County Sheriff's Office for the 2015 Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant.

There are two items on the Resolution Consent Agenda. One item authorizes the mayor to execute an intergovernmental agreement to form a HOME Consortium with several nearby cities/towns for the purpose of receiving funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The second item is a preannexation development agreement. 

On the Adoption of Ordinances Agenda, Council will consider and/or discuss the following items:

  • A lease allowing Verizon Wireless to install a monopalm cellular tower on a portion of City property.
  • An ordinance to amend the legal descriptions included in two prior ordinances.
  • The rezoning of properties at the northwest corner of 24th Street and Avenue 9E.

On the Introduction of Ordinances agenda, Council will consider the following ordinances for introduction: 

  • Extinguishing the right-of-way easement while reserving the previously dedicated utility easement for the Gomez Plaza.
  • Amending the legal description and ratifying staff actions pertaining to Kenyon's Market Inc.

There is one public hearing scheduled regarding a request to amend the City of Yuma 2012 General Plan to incorporate the City of Yuma Transportation Master Plan. 

Additionally, there will be two appointments: one to the Clean and Beautiful Commission and one to the Residential Advisory Board.

Yuma City Council meetings are open to the public, and can be viewed locally on Time Warner Cable (channel 73 for digital subscribers) and online at

Full agendas available online - Complete agendas of Yuma City Council meetings are available to members of the public at any time, online, through our City Council Meetings page. From the homepage of the City’s all-new website at, click on "Minutes, Agendas, Notices" on the left. From that page, click on "City Council" from the choices listed on the top section. From there, you can choose between upcoming Council agendas and previous Council agendas. Meeting agendas and supporting documents are published in PDF format.