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City awarded grant for YRCS upgrades

The City, which maintains YRCS infrastructure, will receive $193,500 for radio consoles

Yuma, Ariz. – The City of Yuma was pleased to learn recently it was awarded a grant from the Arizona Department of Homeland Security that will be used to perform critical upgrades on the radio communications system used by public safety agencies in the Yuma region.

Funds from the $193,500 grant will be used to upgrade six specialized radio consoles used by member agencies of the Yuma Regional Communications System (YRCS), which provides operable and interoperable radio communication to various public safety agencies from the local level up to county, state and federal levels. YRCS radios allow public safety and law enforcement individuals to communicate to other agencies while still maintaining secure connections to their respective agencies.

YRCS uses the City of Yuma’s Information Technology Services (ITS) department to maintain this mission-critical infrastructure.

The six radio consoles are currently running on an operating system that is no longer supported and utilize voice processing circuitry that has been discontinued. As all YRCS communication centers use the radio consoles to communicate with public safety personnel for officer safety and to support their public safety missions, a failure of the radio system could lead to a failure of a mission.

“Replacing the manufacturer discontinued voice processing circuitry with this upgrade will allow all communication centers to continue to support officer safety, and provide the gateway functions needed by public safety for interoperability and information sharing crucial to public safety,” said Eddie Carrera, Assistant Director of ITS-YRCS.

Under this grant agreement, the City would be reimbursed up to $193,500 for materials, labor and travel expenses spent in support of this YRCS upgrade. The communication equipment purchased with grant funds is expected to have a life cycle exceeding five years.

“The YRCS team does a great job meeting the needs of the YRCS public safety agencies,” said Chief Information Officer Jim Hamersley.

The grant will be up for adoption by the Yuma City Council at its upcoming Nov. 4 meeting.