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City asking for public review of new construction standards

City-specific projects would follow similar guidelines to those used elsewhere in the state

The City of Yuma is updating its Standard Construction Specifications for improvements on City-owned and operated properties, and invites members of the public to offer their feedback.

The new specifications apply to construction projects that make improvements that will be owned and/or maintained by the City. These public works improvements are located on City-owned property, public rights of way or easements dedicated to the City.

The new standards will not, however, apply to projects under review or construction prior to May 9 of this year.

The City’s intent is to adopt the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Uniform Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction, along with a City of Yuma supplement, The MAG specifications are used widely throughout the state and are familiar to firms most likely to be contracted to do public works projects within the city.

Both of those documents are available for review now on the City’s website; find the direct links here. From the City’s homepage, click on Departments, Engineering Departments, Engineering Documents and References, then Uniform Standard Specifications. The MAG specifications and the City of Yuma supplement are listed as separate documents.

The public review period runs March 21 through April 11. Submit your comments to the City using the link at the bottom of the page described above, or directly here.

The City took a collaborative approach to revising the specifications, noted City of Yuma Engineering Manager Jerry Anaya. “We established several committees represented by City departments, the consultant engineering community, the engineering contracting community, local governmental agencies and utility companies.”

The City also intends to revise the specifications periodically to allow for changes in trends in the construction industry and to promote standardization to the greatest extent possible.