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City appeals notary revocation

Upon learning the state has revoked the City Clerk’s notary seal, the City of Yuma filed an appeal Wednesday.

City appeals notary revocation

Two 2011 documents were incorrectly stamped

Yuma, Ariz. – Upon learning the state has revoked the City Clerk’s notary seal, the City of Yuma filed an appeal Wednesday.

“This seems excessive for an unintentional error that we caught about a year ago and had no effective consequences,” said City Administrator Greg Wilkinson. “The City has appealed this decision.”

Along with the appeal, the City has asked for a stay of the clerk’s revocation pending the outcome of the appeal. 

The revocation by the Arizona Secretary of State’s office stemmed from a discrepancy in the notary seal used on a couple of public documents during the clerk’s renewal process in December 2011. Two of the documents – the oaths of office for Councilmember Cody Beeson and Councilmember Leslie McClendon – were later discovered by the clerk indicating her notary commission was to expire in 2016. However, other documents stamped in a similar time frame indicated an expiration date of 2012. State law provides that notaries keep only one notary seal at a time.

The documents were later hand-corrected. A notice of the error was issued and filed with the original documents. The City has provided the documents and notice of error to all parties who have requested them, and has fully cooperated in discussions with the Attorney General’s office and the Secretary of State’s office regarding this matter.

The clerk’s notary status did not lapse or expire at any time. There are no issues concerning the councilmembers’ valid oaths of office.

The City of Yuma employs a number of notaries. The single revocation will not hamper the City’s notary services.

The City Clerk’s office notarizes thousands of documents each year, including notary services to the public. City Clerk Lynda Bushong said she has never had a complaint filed against her, whether as a notary in Arizona since 2008 or previous to that when she served as a notary in California.