North End Artists Co-Op

Through the North End Artists Co-Op, the City of Yuma promotes artists living in the Yuma area by providing the opportunity to display works and demonstrate their work to the public. The group presents weekly demonstrations and workshops each Saturday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, from September through May in the Yuma Art Center’s United Building where they also have works on display in the front windows.

Upcoming Demonstrations

March 3, 2018
Linda Willets will suggest and demonstrate her favorite photography and editing applications. 
Larry Yanez will be lecturing on "The Surface" and will demonstarte hand building on the surface of clay with an emphasis on folk art designs.  

March 17, 2018
Holly Hendrick will demonstrate how to make a clay angel.
Larry Yanez will demonstrate under glazing techniques.

Marcy 24, 2018
Larry Yanez will demonstrate how he creates eleaborate lid designs that make all the differnece  to containers.

 North End Artists Co-Op Members:

Jose Dorame
“My name is Jose Dorame.  I was born in San Luis R.C., Sonora and was raised in Yuma,Az.  I attended ASU and am an elementary school art teacher.  My preferred style of art is more classical and very influenced by the Renaissance with an emphasis on figurative art.” 


Gabby Frost
“Deeply symbolic and personal, my artwork has strong ties to events and people that have carved places into my heart. Each painting is a representation of a lifetime spent bent over paper and canvas, perfecting a passion that was sowed here in Yuma, Arizona.”



Holly Hendrick
Holly Hendrick puts her entire heart into each pone of her unique creations. With degrees in both studio art and counseling psychology she seeks to produce pieces that provoke thought, interest, and joy. Holly has been making art for over 20 years in Yuma Arizona and is an art educator at Cibola High School. 




Morgan Laguna
“I enjoy the quietness and the concentration that working with clay provides. With a leather hard piece of clay in my hand and a few carving tools, I can sit for hours at a time carving away.   I put in a large amount of thought, effort, time and passion in each ceramic piece I create.”


Andrew Layne
“My artwork is a reflection of the world around us. I create relief prints that have a very graphic colorful feeling to them that tells stories through symbolism.  My paintings have intense brushstrokes and a careful attention to aesthetic color.”


Judy Phillips
“Much of my life has been spent outside enjoying nature. I have recreated the stunning vistas I have enjoyed in using many media. And now? I have combined my love of nature and my passion for creating in glass!”  



Linda Willets
“My passion is digital painting starting with the photo as my canvas that I embellish to my vision. When my work is completed it becomes a watercolor or acrylic painting I have been a Yuma resident since 1971. Member of North End Artist Co-op since 2012.”  


Judy Shaw
“I find inspiration everywhere and recently I have been looking for the lighter side of life. Something light and colorful that may make someone smile and brighten their day & mine.”  



Rebecca A Taylor
“My clay work has evolved into mixed media.  I enjoy recycling old, rusty metals and clay.  Most of my current sculptures include rusty saw blades, copper pipe and other odds and ends that I find thrown away.  Angels are the main subject matter I explore. I love sculpting the human face. I find it to be challenging and attempt to capture emotion in the facial expressions”  


Ann Adele Walker
“My art reflects my ongoing obsession with the Southwest’s land, water, and amazing skies. I work in mixed media collage because it’s quirky — I really enjoy how work develops in serendipitous ways so that the end product is often very different from the vision I had in my head.”  


Larry Yañez
"Being of indigenous heritage, Mexico and South Western United States, I have been fortunate to be able to learn the traditional and suburban mythologies of my region, ancestors and the world. Through the artifacts I make available, I practice a theme and variation discipline. What becomes apparent are a lot of symbolism, abstract, humor and colorful concepts, manipulations of the clay medium through the Raku firing technique. The images are in story and inside joke form, the whole idea is more about learning and teaching, not really for sale, but the donations are used to acquire more supplies and to further more research to benefit other artists.