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7:00 PM
to 9:00 PM
World Adventurer Film Series

Don't miss your chance to meet filmmaker Stan Walsh as he presents Corsica & the Rivieras in person at the Yuma Civic Center.

STAN WALSH has a taste for the unknown and shares his passion for far-away places with travel-film audiences all over America. All the world's a film stage for his camera.

A native of New Jersey, his youthful explorations included wild berry hunting in the famous Pine Barrens. This led to an early appreciation of the spirit and culture of people living off-the-beaten path. Another influence on this young adventurer was seeing giant Zeppelins soar over the Atlantic shore. His chance to fly and travel came with the Air Force. Later he attended the University of Southern California and moonlighted as a projectionist for globetrotting lecturers including Burton Holmes and Lowell Thomas.

This on-the-job training planted the seed for future film making.

While serving as a Director of the Intrafilm Travelogue Film Festival in Palm Springs, Stan learned of the lasting contributions travel-adventure showmen made to popular American culture. Thus began a labor of love documenting the story of illustrated storytellers. Did you know Will Rogers made a travelogue? It's black & white with Will's humorous captions. Will was an avid traveler before the advent of "talkies."

America's leading Traveloguer was Burton Holmes. Stan operated the projector when he lectured in the Los Angeles area. Mr. Holmes' widely respected illustrated lecture captured a changing world. For over a half century, from 1893, the era of candlelight and horse-drawn travel, his buoyant spirit vicariously transported audiences into a new century. Martin and Osa Johnson and Richard Halliburton were also widely acclaimed.

As a newly-graduated engineer, he moved his family to Italy to practice engineering and to produce his first travelogue "Tuscany - Italy's Golden Province." Recognition for his in-depth photo-journalism came on TV's "Golden Voyage" series with presentation of their Seven League Boots Award.

Stan Walsh's participation in travelogue production is far-reaching. He has established new film series in Florida, New Jersey and California. He combined film making with airway planning on four continents. Now, in full-time film production he finds live theater appearances are most satisfying. He says "It's a sharing experience, a chance to zero in on independent perspectives, to explore far horizons with kindred spirits in the audience."

Exotic adventures are carving an ever-increasing niche among travelers. Stan Walsh's films stimulate this travel trend. He ventures beyond the "Gran Tour." His camera is always ready to document the story of an ancient tribe or to add a touch of human interest to traditional travel destinations. Painstaking research and imaginative camera work add excitement to Stan's programs. His success is a production of our times as audiences share his wanderlust and journey to remote and rugged lands.

travel adventure film programs • natural history • exploration • conservation

Date: March 21, 2017

Time: Doors open at 6:00 p.m. - show starts at 7:00 p.m.

Location:  Yuma Civic Center | 1440 W. Desert Hills Drive

All ages are welcome

Fee: $10 per showing  Corsica & the Rivieras     $50 per season pass (Call Yuma Civic Center)

Now thru Jan 10th - buy two season passes in the same transaction for the 2017 World Adventurer Film Series and receive an additional $5 off your pass. We are happy to reserve season passes Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. by phone at (928) 373-5040 or in person.