Mesa Heights Neighborhood Revitalization Area



The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allows CDBG entitlement communities to designate defined areas of their jurisdiction as Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas (NRSA), allowing the community to marshal its resources into a comprehensive strategy. That strategy brings together the resources, strengths, and energies of the residents, local governments, business community, and non-profit organizations to create communities of opportunity in distressed neighborhoods by stimulating the reinvestment of human and economic capital.

The City of Yuma has developed a NRSA plan for the Mesa Heights neighborhood. This community   is bounded roughly by 17th Street, Arizona Avenue, 24th Street and 4th Avenue.  The Neighborhood Services Division is    currently accepting public comments on the draft plan.   Comments can be directed to Neighborhood Services Division, One City Plaza, Yuma, AZ  85365 by email to ;  or phone at 928-373-5187 or TTY at 928-373-5149.  

See Mesa Heights Boundary Map.

See Mesa Heights Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area plan.


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