Infill Yuma: I wish this was...

InfillYumaDuring the month of October, we asked you to help us envision the future of four vacant properties in Yuma.  Thank you for the excellent responses!

We ran this #InfillYuma campaign to draw attention to vacant sites that are ripe for development.  Infill is the process of developing vacant or under-used parcels or rehabilitating buildings within existing urban areas.  Infill sites are located within the service areas of existing infrastructure such as street, utilities, fire protection, and parks. 

The City would like to thank everyone for the excellent responses we received during this #InfillYuma campaign!  We received 365 unique ideas for the four highlighted infill sites.  Nearly 75 people filled out the online response form and many more commented on the poster display at City Hall. The most popular ideas are summarized below and a detailed list of the responses can be found in this document; we want to share these valuable ideas and feedback with everyone in the community. 

Overall, the responses showed strong support for restoring and preserving Yuma’s historic buildings.  Many people commented that the historic depot  building would be a great site for a railroad museum, while others thought the Depot would be a suitable location for the Children’s Museum. Some even proposed co-location of the two museums. The need for a permanent location for the Children’s Museum was apparent throughout all the comments, and the depot building is perhaps the most suitable site of the four shown in this campaign.

The responses also expressed a strong desire for more community uses such as community centers, farmers markets, museums, and parks. Additionally, there were several comments expressing demand for indoor recreational and entertainment facilities. In particular, several people commented about a skating rink or skate park.

Support for new development of mixed-use residential and commercial buildings was also apparent, particularly in the 4th Avenue and 16th Street area. Among the commercial development, many people would like to see more health-food grocers and popular chain restaurants in Yuma. The most frequently mentioned chain restaurants were Dave & Buster’s, Panera Bread, Cheesecake Factory, and P.F. Chang’s. 

Most Popular Responses

Taco Tech

Taco Tec at 796 W 3rd Street

Commonly known for its former tenant, Taco Tec, although more recently home to a live music venue. The building is 3120 square feet and is zoned B-2 General Commercial.

  • Restaurant/Coffee Shop
  • Entertainment Venue
  • Neighborhood commercial

Depot at 430 S Main Street

The Southern Pacific Freight Depot was built in 1891 and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1987. The site is zoned in the Old Town district.

  • Museum (Railroad/Children’s)
  • Event Venue
  • Retail & Restaurants
1st & Main Photo

Lot at Main Street and First Street

The northwest corner of Main Street and First Street has sat vacant for many years. The site is 3.2 acres and is zoned in the Old Town district.

  • Mixed Use Residential/Commercial
  • Park/Community Garden
  • Indoor Entertainment Facility
4th & 16th Photo

16th Street and 4th Avenue

The southwest corner of 16th Street and 4th Avenue was recently cleared as part of the redevelopment and reconstruction efforts at the intersection. The site is zoned B-2 General Commercial.

  • Commercial (Chain Restaurant/Grocery)
  • Mixed Use Residential/Commercial
  • Indoor Entertainment Facility

Click here to view the detailed list of responses

Why is infill development important? 

  1. Infill is efficient because it uses existing infrastructure & services that have been sized to accommodate development on these parcels.  This infrastructure includes streets, water, sewer, parks, fire, police, and schools. 
  2. Because infill uses existing infrastructure, it provides a higher return on investment.  Infill costs less to both the developer and the City.  By virtue of the existing infrastructure and higher density it has a higher per acre tax value than suburban development. 
  3. Infill development strengthens existing neighborhoods by increasing density, which increases walkability, which leads to more pedestrian traffic in the downtown.