Upcoming Election Information

The City of Yuma will hold a primary and, if necessary, a general election in 2017 for the purpose of electing candidates for the following offices:  One Mayor, three City Councilmembers and one Presiding Municipal Judge.  If you are interested in running for any of these offices please see the "Running for Office" tab to the left for additional information.

Candidate Information

The following candidates will be considered in the Primary Election on August 29, 2017:

  • Mayor - 1 seat
    • Nicholls, Douglas
  • Councilmember - 3 seats
    • Counts, Gregory
    • Knight, Gary
    • McClendon, Leslie
    • Rojas-McNair, Kristina
    • Ostrowski, Shelley
    • Rosevear, Ken
    • Watts, Karen
    • McIntire, Valerie – Write In
  • Presiding Municipal Judge - 1 seat
    • Coil, James

Preliminary Unofficial Results

Preliminary Unofficial Results will be shown on this page in the future or as they are released.