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YFD Firefighters Return

Yuma Fire Department’s firefighters, deployed to help with California wildfires, have returned home! They were notified Thursday morning that they were being demobilized as of about 11:00am, and began the process that ended with them beginning their trip back to Yuma. They arrived back in Yuma Thursday evening.

Yuma’s firefighters, working as a part of an Imperial Valley Task Force, first left for assignment to the “Mias” Fire late Monday night August 14th. The fire is burning in an area near Banning, CA. (approximately 200 miles from Yuma). As of last reports Thursday morning the fire was 85% contained.

YFD firefighters worked 24 hour shifts protecting homes in their assigned areas. Our firefighters, as a part of the Imperial Valley Task Force, were part of an effort involving nearly 300 fire personnel, at last count.

All YFD personnel are returning back to their regular duty assignments. Those who were deployed from our department were Fire Captain Erik Lohman, Fire Engineer John Metha, Firefighter Alvin Luedtke, and Firefighter Jose Huizar. We are glad to have them back and congratulate them on a job well done!

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Fire Service personnel, their families, and others affected by this season’s wildfires.