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House Fire on Main Street
Main st House Fire

On Tuesday October 10th, just before 10:00 pm, a fire was reported in the 300 block of Main Street. Arriving Yuma Fire Department personnel found the fire to actually be in the 400 block, with heavy smoke and flames coming from a two story residence at 441 South Main Street. Both stories were on fire with flames coming through the roof of the building. Firefighters worked to contain and extinguish the fire, with fire crews remaining on the scene through the night on “Fire Watch” dealing with hot spots and flare-ups.

The residence, which was believed to have been constructed in 1900, was considered a total loss. There were no known injuries. The building was vacant; however trespassers had recently been removed from the property. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

You can help your police and fire departments, and help protect your homes and families, when you report suspicious circumstances and persons. Be aware of people hanging around vacant buildings (or acting like they are trying to hide from view) or in business areas (or parks!) after hours (especially late at night). Reporting this type of suspicious activity to the police immediately (9-1-1) can prevent crimes and even save lives.

If you have information about arson crimes, contact the police department, or information can also be provided anonymously through the Silent Witness tip line at 78-CRIME (782-7463).