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Fire House Facts for 9/24/2017-9/30/2017
Fire in a Yard

From Sunday September 24, 2017 through Saturday September 30, 2017 the Yuma Fire Department responded to 278 emergency calls for service:

  • 12    General Fire Response
    Including: An illegal trash burn in a yard, smell of gas in a home, and various alarms
  • 15    Motor Vehicle Crashes
    Including:  1 involving a pedestrian, 2 involving motorcycles, 2 involving fences, 1 involving a wall, 1 involving a pole, and 1 involving a rollover
  • 233   Other Medical Emergencies (serious to minor)
    Including: 23 for difficulty breathing, 21 for chest pain, 28 for falls, 10 for unconscious people, 4 seizure cases, 7 possible stroke cases, 6 for intoxicated persons, 5 for people under the influence of drugs, 17 for people with psychiatric problems, 4 for medical alarms, 1 for an allergic reaction, 1 for choking, 17 for altered or decreased level of consciousness, 3 for fevers, 5 for diabetic emergencies, 9 for man down calls, 1 for uncontrolled bleeding, 2 for bad headaches, 9 for assaults, 3 for back pain, 7 for abdominal pain, 2 pregnancy related, 1 for deceased person, 2 for drug/alcohol withdrawals, 4 for lacerations, 1 sports related injury, 1 for a person shocked by a live wire, 1 for a 10 year old who fell from monkey bars, 1 for a 2 year old who was jumping on a bed and fell, 1 for a person who fell from a palm tree, 1 for an 11 year old whose hand had gotten closed in a car door, and other illnesses and injuries
  • 19    Special Duty, Public Assistance, and Residential Assignments
    Including:  1 for small brush fire, 2 for illegal trash fires, 2 for vehicle fires, 1 for fuel leaking from a pump, 1 for a downed power line, and various alarms

Last week the Yuma Fire Department responded to a number of trash and yard debris fires, both happen way too often. These types of fires within residential neighborhoods can be a nuisance and a hazard. Fires too close to other combustibles and property lines pose the risk of serious fire spread, especially under windy conditions. Un-permitted fires are unlawful and also result in many unnecessary Fire Department responses, possibly delaying response to other serious emergencies.

You can also reduce the risk to you and your neighbors by keeping your property free of dry, dead vegetation and other flammable or combustible debris. This can avoid a small fire in the yard becoming a large fire threatening your home and neighborhood.

So, use a grill, a fireplace, or fire pit, and keep cooking/heating fires small (no more than 3’ in diameter) and attended (and fully extinguished after use), and please avoid burning trash. Also, be aware of weather conditions, such as the wind speed and direction. If you are camping, be sure of the local fire regulations and conditions. For information regarding permits for fires on your property in the City of Yuma, contact the Yuma Fire Department at 373-4850.