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Fire House Facts for 9/10/2017-9/16/2017
9-11 Ceremony

From Sunday September 10, 2017 through Saturday September 16, 2017 the Yuma Fire Department responded to 288 emergency calls for service:

  • 9    General Fire Response
    Including: An illegal trash burn in a yard, a broken gas line, an A/C unit on fire, a washing machine fire, a fire in a ventilation fan, an apartment kitchen fire extinguished by a fire sprinkler system, and various alarms
  • 14   Motor Vehicle Crashes
    Including:  1 involving a pedestrian, 1 involving a pole, and 2 involving at least 3 vehicles
  • 242  Other Medical Emergencies (serious to minor)
    Including: 29 for difficulty breathing, 24 for chest pain, 32 for falls, 14 for unconscious people, 4 seizure cases, 7 possible stroke cases, 2 for intoxicated persons, 3 for people under the influence of drugs, 9 drug overdoses, 17 for people with psychiatric problems, 5 for heat illness/dehydration, 4 for medical alarms, 1 for a child locked in a vehicle, 4 for allergic reactions, 1 for choking, 12 for altered or decreased level of consciousness, 2 for diabetic emergencies, 1 for dog bite to the face, 7 for man down calls, 1 for uncontrolled bleeding, 2 for bad headaches, 2 for assaults, 9 for back pain, 9 for abdominal pain, 2 for deceased persons, 2 for lacerations, and other illnesses and injuries
  • 23   Special Duty, Public Assistance, and Residential Assignments
    Including:  1 for a snake removal, 3 for vehicle fires, 3 for power lines down, 1 for a natural gas smell in a house, 1 for a chemical smell in a house, and various alarms

September is National Preparedness Month:
So far Preparedness Month has seen quite a bit of devastating weather and other natural disasters. Hurricanes and earthquakes have taken lives and caused billions in property damage in our country and others. Local storms even did quite a bit of damage in parts of our community. These may be unusual occurrences, but a good reminder that we need to be prepared. 

Disasters happen every day. It is just the size that varies. Some are small scale (like car crashes) affecting only a few people, or they could be neighborhood or community wide. How prepared are you? Do you have a plan? Do you have a 72-Hour kit? Have you taken the time to be trained in CPR and First Aid? Think about your personal emergency plans now, because during the emergency is not the time for preparation.

If you, or a group you belong to, would like to set up a class about Emergency Preparedness, or if you just want more information, contact the Yuma Fire Department Public Information Office at 373-4855, you can  “Follow” us at www.twitter.com/YumaFireDept  or “Like” our City of Yuma Fire Department Facebook page.

You can also download and fill out a Personal or Family Disaster Plan at http://www.yumaaz.gov/documents/yuma-fire-department/COY_EmergencyPlanningGuide-2.pdf