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Fire House Facts 9/6/15 - 9/12/15

From Sunday September 6, 2015 through Saturday September 12, 2015, the Yuma Fire Department responded to 286 emergency calls for service.

  • 13   General Fire Response
    Including: An electrical fire in a roof A/C unit, flames coming from an A/C unit, 3 other responses to A/C units smoking, a fire alarm at a restaurant triggered by a child , and various alarms
  •     1     Mutual Aid 
    Including:  Assisting with an emergency medical response to the Cocopah West Reservation                                
  • 21     Motor Vehicle Crashes
    Including:  1 involving 3 vehicles, 3 involving pedestrians, 2 reported as “head-on”, 2 involving semi-trucks, 1 involving a power pole, and 1 involving a fence
  • 202    Other Medical Emergencies (serious to minor)
    Including: 16 for difficulty breathing, 20 for chest pain, 20 fall victims, 8 unconscious people, 7 seizure cases, 7 possible stroke cases, 4 for intoxicated subjects, 4 drug overdose cases, 9 people with psychiatric problems, 2 medical alarms, 2 for children locked in vehicles, 3 allergic reactions, 4 for diabetic emergencies, 1 for a bee sting,  5 for “man down” calls, 1 for headaches, 1 for a gunshot wound, 1 for alcohol poisoning, 3 for assaults, 1 pregnancy related, 7 for back pain, 9 for abdominal pain, 2 for deceased persons, 1 for a child in a dumpster (child was looking for a lost key), an electric shock from a pool fence that had become energized, a person accidently hit in head by a board with a nail in it, and other illnesses and injuries
  • 49    Special Duty, Public Assistance, and Residential Assignments
    Including: 1 for a bio-clean up from a gunshot wound, 3 for snake removals, 5 for intentionally set dumpster fires in an apartment complex, 1 for storm related flooding at a day care center, 3 for power lines down, 1 palm tree fire, 5 for blown power transformers, 1 for a tree on power lines, 1 for a power pole that fell on a truck, 3 for power pole fires, 1 for fuel leaking from a jack knifed semi-truck, 1 for fuel leaking from a vehicle, 1 for smoke coming from an A/C unit, and various alarms

September is National Preparedness Month: Last week’s storm was a good reminder that weather related emergencies can affect us here in Yuma. What is your level of personal and family preparedness? How would you react if faced with having to leave your home? How about if utilities like electricity, gas, water, or telephone service are disrupted? What if grocery stores are closed due to the emergency? Have a PLAN. Have personal and family 72-HOUR KITS. Get INFORMED. Think about your personal emergency plans now, because during the emergency is not the time for preparation. This Saturday, September 19, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. there will be an Emergency Preparedness Expo at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints building, 8551 E. 36th St. There will be displays and demonstrations of different Emergency Preparedness ideas. YFD will be instructing Compression Only CPR classes, and the American Red Cross and other organizations will be on hand to answer questions. Everyone is invited, admission is free, come out to see us! For more information, contact the Public Information Office at Yuma Fire Department at 373-4855.