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Welch ascends to director of City’s Human Resources

The City of Yuma promoted one of its own, a 13 -year staff veteran, to lead its Human Resources department.

The City named Monica Welch Director of Human Resources in November, following a national recruitment.

Having previously held a career in medical offices and as a worker compensation claims adjuster, Welch started at the City as an Administrative Specialist, working at the HR front desk, shortly after her family relocated to Yuma in 2003. Since then, she steadily earned promotions, serving as HR Technician/Recruiter from 2005 to 2008, then HR Analyst from 2008 until 2011, when she was named HR Manager.

During that time, Welch also accumulated an impressive number of  professional certifications: Certified Public Manager; Certified Senior HR Professional (through the Human Resources Certification Institute); Professional in HR (through the Human Resources Certification Institute); and Certified HR Professional (through the Society of Human Resources Management).

Welch replaces Ron Corbin, who was promoted to Deputy City Administrator.

“I believe the City of Yuma is a great employer,” Welch said of her time spent ascending through the ranks of the City’s HR department. “I would want our future and current employees to know that if you take advantage of the opportunities you are offered, if you work hard, and if you are dedicated you can have a long and prosperous career here. I am proof of that.”

Appreciation for working for the City must run in Welch’s family: Her 20-year husband Gary is a Captain with the Yuma Fire Department.

“Monica is the real deal and the upmost HR professional,” said Corbin. “I can tell you she received this promotion because she has a unique ability to balance her knowledge and expertise of HR matters with a compassionate implementation or enforcement of HR principles, laws, and best practices. If she is helping you with an issue, you will know that she is listening and that she cares. I can’t wait to see the great things that will happen under her leadership.”

“My vision for the future of HR would be to build upon the legacy that was left by the previous HR Director,” Welch said. “I will continue to streamline and improve upon our current processes and will look to stay ahead of the curve with new ideas and technology.”