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How to report a sidewalk or asphalt concern

YUMA, Ariz. - As temperatures rise during the summer time, the high heat may cause stress to asphalt or sidewalks within the City of Yuma.  The City reminds residents they can report sidewalk or roadway concerns in the community by calling the Public Works Department at (928) 373-4504 during City business hours, or (928) 373-4500 after-hours. Additionally, roadway and sidewalk concerns may be submitted digitally to the City’s Public Works Department by visiting their page on the City’s website.

Residents reporting an issue online are asked to include a description of the issue, the location, the date it was first noticed, and their name and telephone number if they wish to be contacted once the problem is addressed. The City’s Public Works Department are here to serve the community and will work to ensure the problem is resolved to the best of our abilities.