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City reminds residents to register their alarms

While the Yuma Police Department is seeing some early success with its false alarm reduction program, the City reminds homeowners and business owners that all alarm systems within the city need to be registered. Responses to unregistered alarms result in fines.

In May of 2015, the City of Yuma approved a false alarm reduction ordinance aimed at minimizing the overall number of false alarm calls requiring police response. The goal of this program is to cut down on the amount of time officers spend responding to false alarms. The Yuma Police Department receives approximately 5,000 alarm calls per year. Burglary, panic and robbery alarms are high-priority calls that require more than one officer to be dispatched. However, a large majority of these calls turn out to be false alarms, which results in a significant allocation of police department resources.

Yuma’s false alarm reduction program was officially implemented on September 1, 2016. On December 1, 2016 the grace period for the program ended and businesses and residents started to pay a series of fines for false alarm calls, beginning with the third offense. If an alarm went off and the business or residential alarm was not registered, a $50 fine was imposed for the non-registration.

So far, from January through April of this year, Yuma Police have received 151 fewer false alarms compared to last year during the same time frame.

“That equates to an estimated 150 man hours saved on false alarm calls and allowing our officers to do more proactive work,” noted Police Chief John Lekan.

Alarm users and businesses must register their alarm systems and can do so at no charge online via A link to the registration website is also available through the city’s website at and can also be found under “Police Department” within the website. The website will also contain helpful tips to consumers on how to reduce a majority of false alarms that are preventable with proper operation.